Set Name Abbreviation Symbol US Release Date
Black and White Promos (Unlimited) BWPRUnl 03/09/2011
HeartGold SoulSilver Promos HSPR 02/14/2010
Diamond and Pearl Promos DPPro 05/09/2007
Nintendo Promos NPRUnl 10/16/2003
Best of Promos BOUnl 12/02/2002
Southern Islands SI 07/31/2001
WoTC Promo WPUnl 07/10/1999
Base Base 01/09/1999
Jungle Jungle 06/16/1999
Fossil Fossil 10/10/1999
Team Rocket TR 04/24/2000
Gym Heroes GH 08/14/2000
Gym Challenge GC 10/16/2000
Neo Genesis Neo1 12/16/2000
Neo Discovery Neo2 06/01/2001
Neo Revelation Neo3 09/21/2001
Neo Destiny Neo4 02/28/2002
Legendary Collection LC 05/24/2002
Expedition EX 09/15/2002
Aquapolis AQ 01/15/2003
Skyridge SK 05/12/2003
Ruby/Sapphire RS 06/18/2003
Sandstorm SS 09/17/2003
Dragons DR 11/24/2003
Team Magma/Team Aqua TM 03/14/2004
Hidden Legends HL 06/14/2004
Fire Red Leaf Green RG 08/30/2004
EX Trainer Kit 1 TK1 08/31/2004
OP Series 1 P1 08/19/2004
Team Rocket Returns TRR 11/08/2004
Deoxys DX 02/14/2005
Emerald EM 05/09/2005
Unseen Forces UF 08/22/2005
OP Series 2 P2 09/30/2005
Delta Species DS 10/31/2005
Legend Maker LM 02/13/2006
EX Trainer Kit 2 TK 03/15/2005
OP Series 3 P3 04/14/2006
Holon Phantoms HP 05/03/2006
Crystal Guardians CG 08/30/2006
OP Series 4 P4 09/12/2006
Dragon Frontiers DF 11/08/2006
Power Keepers PK 02/14/2007
OP Series 5 P5 03/11/2007
Diamond and Pearl DP 05/23/2007
Mysterious Treasures MT 08/22/2007
Secret Wonders SW 11/07/2007
OP Series 6 P6 09/19/2007
DP Trainer Kit 1 TK3 09/10/2007
Great Encounters GE 02/13/2008
OP Series 7 P7 09/01/2008
Majestic Dawn MD 05/21/2008
Legends Awakened LA 08/20/2008
Stormfront SF 11/05/2008
OP Series 8 P8 10/20/2008
Platinum PL 02/11/2009
Rising Rivals RR 05/20/2009
OP Series 9 P9 03/09/2009
Supreme Victors SV 08/19/2009
Arceus AR 11/04/2009
HeartGold SoulSilver HGSS 02/10/2010
Rumble RU 12/02/2009
Unleashed UL 05/12/2010
Undaunted UD 08/18/2010
Triumphant TRIU 09/02/2010
HGSS Trainer Kit HSTK 05/05/2010
Call of Legends COL 02/09/2011
Black and White BLW 04/25/2011
McDonalds Promos 2011 McD11 06/17/2011
Emerging Powers EPO 08/31/2011
Noble Victories NVI 11/16/2011
Next Destinies NXD 02/08/2012
Dark Explorers DEX 05/09/2012
Dragons Exalted DRX 08/15/2012
Dragon Vault DV 10/05/2012
Boundaries Crossed BC 11/07/2012
Plasma Storm PLS 02/06/2013
Plasma Freeze PLF 05/08/2013
Plasma Blast PLB 08/14/2013
Legendary Treasures LT 11/08/2013
McDonalds Promos 2012 McD12 06/15/2012
XY XY 02/05/2014
Kalos Starter Set KSS 03/12/2014
BW Trainer Kit BWTK 09/22/2011
XY Trainer Kit TK5 03/12/2014
Flashfire FLF 05/07/2014
McDonalds Promos 2014 McD14 05/23/2014
Furious Fists FFI 08/13/2014
Phantom Forces PHF 11/05/2014
Primal Clash PRC 02/04/2015
Double Crisis DCR 03/25/2015
Roaring Skies ROS 05/06/2015
Ancient Origins AOR 08/12/2015
BREAKthrough BRK 11/04/2015
BREAKPoint BRKP 02/03/2016
Generations GEN 02/22/2016
Black and White Promos BWPr 03/25/2011
XY Promos XYPr 10/12/2013
Always Legal LEGAL 01/09/1999
Set Name Abbreviation Symbol US Release Date

Only Tropical Wind is legal for Modified format in Nintendo Promos.

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