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Recent Pokepedia Updates and Additions

2016-03-20 - BREAKPoint, Generations, and XY Promos imported - All of BREAKPoint and Generations have been loaded into the Pokepedia. Another bunch of XY Promos also (94-99, 102, 106-112, 121, 134-136, and 143).

2016-03-20 - Working on backfilling effects - The Pokepedia has the "expanded effects" loaded for all cards from Diamond and Pearl on. Earlier sets don't really have those additional effects identified. I've got the additional effected updated internally back through Legend Maker and will continue going backward. I'll let you know when I load them up. This is a significant effort.

2016-01-01 - New Effect - Starting the year off by adding a new effect - No Prize for Knock Out. Shedinja, for example. You knock it out, you don't take a prize.


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