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Pokemon Timeline
(unknown month) Satoshi Tajiri starts Game Freak, a fanzine about video games. It initially was handwritten and stapled together. It covered gave techniques and gave secret tips for games like Donkey Kong. Among the contributors was Ken Sugimori. Edit
April 26 Game Freak, Inc. founded by Satoshi Tajiri. In honor of the founder, the lead character in the Japanese version of the Pokémon TV series was named Satoshi. Edit
(unknown month) Satoshi Tajiri is inspired by the communications capability of Game Boy's cable and starts work on Pokémon. Edit
February 27 Nintendo releases Pokémon Red and Green for Game Boy in Japan.   (Nintendo ) Edit
October 20 Game Freak and Nintendo release the starter deck and Base Set for the Japanese Pocket Mosters Trading Card Game. Edit
March 05 Jungle set is released in Japan. Edit
June 05 Fossil set released in Japan. Edit
November 21 Team Rocket set released in Japan. Edit
December 16 A scene in the Pokémon TV show caused seizures in several Japanese children. Japanese TV pulled the show for several months. The episode was "Computer Soldier Porygon", and the seizure was caused by Pikachu, who flashed several red and blue lights. Edit
(unknown month) Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back opens in Japan. Edit
March Vending Series 1 (Blue) released in Japan. Edit
April 26 Brock and Misty decks released in Japan. Introduction of "Gym Leader" cards. Edit
June Vending Series 2 (Red) released in Japan. Edit
July The Pokemon anime premieres on FOX Kids weekdays in an early morning time slot Edit
July 25 Lt. Surge and Erika Gym Leader decks released. Edit
August 27 Nintendo launches Pokémon in the United States. They manage to get Topeka Kansas to rename itself "Topikachu." They hold a Pokémon party that includes a helicoptor airdrop of plush Pokémon dolls. Edit
September 07 The Pokémon anime begins airing on September 7th on Kids WB and quickly becomes the top rated kids' cartoon show. Edit
September 28 Pokémon Red & Blue for Gameboy is introduced to America. Edit
October KFC runs the first fast food promotion with Pokémon. In addtion to Kids' Meals toys, four plush "beanies" are also available: Dratini, Zubat, Seel, and Vulpix. The promo does not reach much success because at this time, Pokémon is still fairly unknown. Edit
October 23 Gym Leader 1 packs released in Japan. Edit
November Vending Series 3 (Green) released in Japan. Edit
December Wizards of the Coast under license by Nintendo of America starts producing the Pokémon Trading Card Game for the worldwide market outside of Japan.   (Wizards ) Edit
December 2-Player starter set released in stores. Edit
(unknown month) Pokémon: The Revelation of Lugia opens in Japan. Edit
January Pokémon Trading Card Game Base Set packs, 1st Edition and unlimited are released. The Starter Set and Demo Decks had been released the previous month, in 1998. Edit
January Brian Brokaw launches the Brokamon Center Website which quickly morphs into the Psylum PokeGym, the first incarnation of ( http://www.pokegym.net/ )   (PokeGym ) Edit
March Prototype League introduced for the Pokémon TCG at participating locations. Edit
March Wizards runs mall tours to promote the Pokemon TCG. They expect 5,000 kids to attend a tour stop in New Jersey. More than 12,000 showed up, and because the crowd exceeded safety codes, mall security sent the entire mob packing. Edit
March Nintendo Power includes a First Edition Base Set 1 Charmander. (Verify?) Edit
March 06 March 6th. DCI Tournament system started for the Pokémon TCG Edit
June Pikachu (Base Set) gold stamped "E3" was given out at the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo. This was the shadowless red cheeked version. A "shadowed, yellow-cheek version was later given out in Nintendo Power magazine. Edit
June Pokémon League (Year 1, Kanto Region) started in stores nationwide. Badge Books introduced. Edit
June Base Set released in England. First English promo cards made. Edit
July League Year 1. Prerelease Clefable offered. Edit
July Jungle Expansion Released Edit
July The first Black Star promo card was introduced in First Edition Jungle booster packs (Pikachu #1 [this error card itself also features the First Edition logo, which makes it the only promo card that does feature the First Edition logo]). Edit
July 10 July 10-11: A whopping 44,000 attend a combined Pokemon Gameboy and Pokemon TCG Mall Tour stop at the Mall of America. Edit
September Wizards Stamped Pikachu (Pikachu) offered in Duelist magazine. Edit
September Nintendo sued by parents for promoting a form of illegal gambling using trading cards featuring characters from its popular Pokemon games. Edit
October Arcanine #6 promo revealed at prototype league Edit
October Pikachu Promo #1 and Prerelease Aerodactyl was released at league. Edit
October 15 Fossil Expansion Released Edit
November Pokémon: The First Movie soundtrack offers a special mail-in reply to receive Jigglypuff #7. Edit
November 08 Burger King begins massive Pokémon promotion featuring 57 different toys in plastic PokéBalls. Edit
November 10 When Pokémon: The First Movie came out in theaters on Nov 10th from KidsWB, Wizards of the Coast joins in a cross promotion and distributes 4 promo cards to movie ticket buyers: Electabuzz #2, Mewtwo #3, Pikachu #4, and Dragonite #5. The movie generates $54+M in sales in the first weekend, a new record for an animated film.   (IMDB Info ) Edit
December Top Deck magazine offers Kabuto Wizards stamp promo Edit
December Pokémon TCG outsells Magic: The Gathering TCG. Edit
December Burger King recalls Pokeball toys after some toddlers and infants are smothered by the plastic hemispheres. Edit
December Pokémon Yellow released in USA. Edit
December A special gold imprinted Base Set 1 Pikachu is made available only in Australia - the wording was PokeTour 1999. Edit
December Pokémon Rolls fruit rollups includes a gold bordered Jungle Meowth inside some boxes. Edit
(unknown month) Kraft gives away Gold W Dark Charmeleon (Team Rocket set) in Australia. Edit
(unknown month) Pokémon: The Legend of the Unknown Tower opens in Japan. Edit
January Base Set 2 released in US to commemorate the first anniversary of the Pokémon TCG in English. Edit
January 08 New season of Pokémon TCG League begins. Mew P8 distributed to league members. Edit
February Base set 1 Jumbo Pikachu card released in TopDeck. Edit
March Gold W Wartortle (Base Set 2) distributed through TopDeck. Edit
March Pokémon Stadium game released in USA. Cool Porygon (P15) distributed through Pokémon Stadium Bundle.   (Available at Amazon ) Edit
March 21 Pokémon: The First Movie released on video. Contains Mewtwo P14. Edit
April Jungle Set released in England. Edit
April Mew P9, Computer Error (P16) and Prerelease Dark Gyarados distributed through the Trading Card League. Edit
April Promo Mewtwo P12 distributed through Nintendo Power magazine. Edit
April TopDeck includes a Team Rocket Dark Charmeleon. Edit
April 11 Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy released in USA. Meowth P10 distributed with GameBoy Trading Card Game.   (Available at Amazon ) Edit
April 11 Venusaur P13 distributed with the Pokémon TCG (Gameboy) Guide. Edit
April 19 Team Rocket Set released in USA. Edit
July Eevee P11 distributed through the Trading Card League. Edit
July Jumbo "Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos" card available from Warner Bros. stores in conjunction with the release of the second movie. Edit
July 07 Neo 2 released in Japan. Edit
July 21 Pokémon: The Movie 2000 opens in US theaters. Ancient Mew given to moviegoers July 21-27. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos promos given the following week.   (IMDB Info ) Edit
July 22 The First Super Trainer Showdown, on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.
Winners: Joseph Viray, Jack Savage, and Andrew Marshall
August Gym Heroes released in USA. Edit
August Team Rocket's Meowth P18 and Misty's Seadra prerelease distributed through the Pokémon Trading Card League. Edit
August Dark Persian P17 distributed through Nintendo Power. Edit
August Gold W Misty's Psyduck (Gym Heroes set) distributed through TopDeck. Edit
August 01 Pokemon falls off the #1 spot on the Lycos 50 after 30 weeks. (Widely considered to be the end of the Pokemon fad in the United States.)   (Lycos 50 ) Edit
August 26 Tropical Mega Battle takes place at Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu on Aug. 26-27.
Winner: Jason Klaczynski
Runner-up: Toshiya Tanabe
  (Hilton Hawaiian Village )
September Pikachu World Collection introduced during the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Edit
October Gym Challenge set released in USA. Pokémon Gold and Silver released in the USA. Edit
October Psyduck P20 distributed through the Pokémon Trading Card League. Edit
October Sabrina's Abra P19 distributed through Nintendo Power. Edit
October 14 Pokémon TV Season 3, "Johto Journey," premiers on Kids' WB. Edit
November Pokémon: The Movie 2000 released on video and DVD in the USA; contains Pikachu P27 ("Vending Machine Pikachu"). Edit
November 18 Proposition 15/3 introduced into tournament play. Used only at this one tournament. (East Coast Super Trainer Showdown) Edit
November 18 The Second Super Trainer Showdown, held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.
10-: Jonathan Brooks (followed by Jerome Schosse, David Santos, Christopher Bailey, Elliot Freidmann, Glen Sylvester, Malcolm Scotland and Gabriel Mends)
11-14: Rudy Rodriguez (followed by James O’Brien, Carson White, Jason Imperiale, Kevin Chen, Yi-An Lu, Andrew Daly, and Alex Elkins)
15+: Tom Hanley (followed by Heidi Craig, Israel Quiroz, Peter Keller, Jason Klaczynski, Michael Delgaudio, Joshua Morris, and Matt Brooks)   (Meadowlands Exposition Center )
November 23 Neo 3 released in Japan. Edit
December Gold W Brock's Vulpix (Gym Challenge set) distributed through TopDeck. Edit
December League locations distribute Marill P29. Edit
December 16 Neo 1 released in US under the name Neo Genesis. Edit
(unknown month) Neo Genesis released in England. Edit
January Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge released in England. Edit
January Gold W Dark Arbok (Team Rocket set) distributed through Hong Kong Trading Card League. Edit
January 06 A new year of the Pokémon TCG League begins. The new year is marked by Neo-themed badge books and promotional material. Togepi P30 released through the Pokémon TCG League. Birthday Pikachu P24 also distributed. Edit
January 15 Neo Genesis theme decks released. Edit
February TopDeck issues final issue. Edit
February Cleffa P31 released through the Pokémon TCG League. Edit
March Creatures unveils pictures of three new Pokémon that will premier in Pokémon 4. Edit
March WOTC unveils information about the Pokémon CrossTrainer set. Edit
March Smeargle P32 released through the Pokémon TCG League. Edit
March 26 Brian Brokaw publishes the Pokemon TCG Guide, immortalizing the deck "Haymaker". Various versions dominate the game for years to come.   (Available at Amazon ) Edit
March 28 Pokémon Stadium 2 for N64 released in the USA.   (Available at Amazon ) Edit
March 28 Pokémon TCG 2 for Game Boy released in Japan. Edit
April Neo Genesis released in Australia. Edit
April 06 Pokémon 3 The Movie opens in USA.   (IMDB Info ) Edit
April 06 Neo 4 released in Japan. Edit
April 06 Pokémon Gold and Silver released in the UK. Edit
April 14 Pokémon Trading Card Game Tour begins. Runs into June. Edit
April 26 Darkness and Light (aka Neo 4) set released in Japan. Edit
May Pokémon Gameboy Grass Roots tour. (Runs into June) Edit
June Pokémon Puzzle Challenge released in the UK. Edit
June 02 Neo Discovery released in the US. Brain Wave and Wallop theme decks released. Edit
June 11 Game Boy Advance released in the US. Edit
June 22 Game Boy Advance released in the UK. Edit
June 23 The Third Super Trainer Showdown, June 23rd and 24th, New Jersey Meadowlands Convention Center.
Day 1 Winners:
10-: Paul Lamancusa (followed by Mindy Lambkee, Kevin Yauy, Ryan Lucero, Kevin Hossain, Jonathan Brooks, Jacob Vilches, and Nathaniel Allen)
11-14: Josh Goldstein (followed by Phil Mondiello, Chris Peditto, Jared Passanante, Daniel Deardoff, Matt Toeniskoetter, Chris Vilches, and Jimmy O'Brien)
15+: Jeremy Borchardt (followed by Chris Fulop, Ben Zoz, Jason Klaczynski, Andrés Rodriquez, Alvin Leu, Bruce Long, and Thian Y. Hoang)
June 24 The Third Super Trainer Showdown, June 23rd and 24th, New Jersey Meadowlands Convention Center.
Day 2 Winners:
10-: Jonathan Brooks (followed by Mindy Lambkee, John Nhuyen, Stephanie Borchardt, Ryan Lucero, Nathan Kessel, Joshua Cartagena, and Joseph Barone)
11-14: Tom Liesegang (followed by Aaron Gerardo, Phil Mondiello, Robert Frac, Devin Peltier-Robson, Alex Brosseau, Dylan Austin, and Brian Six)
15+: Tom Hanley (followed by Jason Klaczynski, Rudy Rodriquez, Matt Tyler, Frank Moore, David Nishijimu, Chris Fulop, and Bruce Long)
June 30 Pokémon TCG League Season 6 begins. Hitmontop P37 released as the League points promo. Edit
July Pokémon 3 The Movie opens in Australia. Edit
July 07 Pokémon 4 The Movie: Celebi's Time Adventure opens in Japan. Edit
July 17 Pokémon VS released in Japan Edit
July 20 Phil Mondiello suspended.   (My Suspension - by Phil Mondiello )   (Many responses ) Edit
August 02 Pokémon Crystal to be released in the U.S. Edit
August 04 TCG League Season 7 begins. Surfing Pikachu (P28) released as the League points promo. Edit
August 21 Pokémon 3 to be released in the U.S. on VHS and DVD. Edit
September Pokémon Crystal to be released in Australia. Edit
September The Southern Islands Gift Set released in the US Edit
September 01 Team Rocket On (Rocket On) announced as the first Modified Format for the upcoming ECSTS. Edit
September 08 TCG League Season 8 begins. Misdreavus P39 released as the League points promo. Flying Pikachu released as an activity promo. League locations receive allotments of Birthday Pikachus. Edit
September 08 Pokémon Crystal released in the US and UK. Edit
September 08 Pokémon cartoon Season 4, "Johto League Championships" to premier on Kids' WB. Edit
October Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon Stadium 2 released in the U.K. Edit
October 15 Neo Revelation released in the US. Edit
November Pokémon E-Card released in Japan. Edit
November 18 Nintendo Gamecube relased in the U.S. yea Edit
November 27 Pokémon Web, a new TCG set, to be released in Japan. This new set will include cards previously released in earlier sets in the new card layout introduced with Pokemon VS. Edit
December 01 The Fourth and Final Super Trainer Showdown was held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California on December 1st and 2nd, 2001.
10-: David Bui (followed by Jonathan Brooks, Joseph Barone, Luke Waruszewski, Martin Charest, Nicholas Chimento, Stuart Benson, and Wesley Bartlett)
11-12: Seena Ghaziaskar (followed by Bryson Bonham, Adam Falconi, Gustavo Alex Patricio, Rual Stern, Devon Mancini, Tommy Derian, and Chris Cartagena)
13-14: Robert Frac (followed by Dylan Austin, Johnathan Reckenwald, Robert Francis, Chris Wilms, Levi Canfield, Vincent Shek, and Steven Bearzi)
15+: Matthew Moss (followed by Robert Fischer, Josue Rojano, LeAntjuan Hunter, Vincent Barone, Andres Rodriguez, Ngoc Cang Dinh, and Doug Bui)   (San Diego Convention Center )
December 02 Seena Ghaziaskar wins the STS, completing an excellent event in which he got 3rd and 1st! Edit
December 05 Mewtwo Returns released on video in the U.S. yea Edit
March Gym Challenges held around the country - you had to win one of these to make it to the first World Championships. Edit
March 16 East Coast Stadium Challenge (Secaucus, NJ)   (Meadowlands Exposition Center ) Edit
April 20 Central Stadium Challenge (Rosemont, IL) won by Brian Six playing Dark Muk (2nd place Tom Dolezal playing Feraligatr) Edit
June 08 West Coast Stadium Challenge (San Diego, CA)   (San Diego Convention Center ) Edit
August 02 The first Pokemon last-chance Grinder. This one was single-elimination. Just the top 8 get the invite. Edit
August 03 The first World Championship. Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast and held in Seattle, WA on Aug. 3rd and 4th. This was an invitation-only event by winning a Gym Challenge and the Grinder was the only other opportunity to make it.
10-: Mindy Lambkee
11-14: Dylan Austin
  (Washington State Convention and Trade Center )   (Crowne Plaza Seattle - Worlds qualifiers stayed here )
August 03 First Professor Championship, held the night of Worlds 2002. Largely considered a failure by the Pokemon community for lack of exposure and for being a sore replacement for an "adult" age division at Worlds.
Winner: Alex Brosseau
August 26 Tropical Mega Battle held in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 26th and 27th. Edit
September Neo Genesis On is announced as the new Modified format. Edit
March Super BattleZones held around the country from March into June. Edit
March Nintendo announces they are ending Wizards of the Coast Pokemon license, effectively terminating WoTC involvement in Pokemon. Edit
June 28 Second Professor Championship at Origins in Columbus, OH
Winner: Eric Richard
  (Origins )
July 25 Wizards of the Coast's Team Play Championship at Gencon
Winners: Jim Ferrell and Brian Six (second place was Crobat and Son, top 4 were Chris Fulop and Stephanie Barlock)
  (Gencon )
July 26 Wizards of the Coast's Fan Appreciation Tournament at Gencon
Winner: Jason Klaczynski (second place was Jeroen Robert)
  (Gencon )
August Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Edit
August Team Compendium acquires the rights to the Pokegym. Site is set up along with the Rules Compendium.   (Pokegym ) Edit
September Sandstorm Pre-Release Edit
October 01 Expedition On (EON) is the new Modified format. Edit
November Dragon Pre-Release Edit
November First International Prerelease, Lia van Bemmelen and Henna Charry (the Netherlands) managed to get more players attending than anywhere else in the World. Edit
March Team Magma vs Team Aqua Pre-Release Edit
April State Championships Edit
May Gym Challenges Edit
June Hidden Legends Pre-Release Edit
June 26 U.S. National Championship (Origins in Columbus, OH) - June 26th and 27th
10-: Kevin White
11-14: Steve Davis
15+: Jacy Sturkie
  (Origins )
July 10 South Stadium Challenge - Arlington, TX
10-: Andrew K. (second place was Demetre F.)
11-14: Tyler Ninomura (second place was Aaron Curry)
15+: Denise Barlock (Crobyss) (second place was Robert Eguia)
July 17 East Coast Stadium Challenge, Rockville, MD
10-: Kevin R. (second place was Geoffrey S.)
11-14: David A. (second place was Frank D.)
15+: Eric Craig (Shiftry) (second place was Chris Fulop)
July 17 West Stadium Challenge - Berkeley, CA
10-: Rachael B. (second place was Reed W.)
11-14: Stuart B. (second place was Michael C.)
15+: Eric Virgen (second place was Chad H.)
August Pokemon Rocks America Edit
August 20 Last Chance Grinder to get into Worlds - Top 32 got in (15+). Edit
August 21 The second World Championship and the first sponsored by Pokemon USA, Inc. Held in Orlando, FL on Aug. 21st and 22nd.
10-: Hayato Sato
11-14: Takuya Yoneda
15+: Tsuguyosi Yamato
  (Buena Vista Palace (was the Wyndham) )
August 22 Fire Red Leaf Green Pre-Release Edit
October 01 Ruby/Sapphire On is the new Modified format. Edit
October 30 Team Rocket Returns Pre-Releases Begin Edit
November City Championships Edit
February 05 Deoxys Pre-Releases Begin Edit
March State Championships Edit
April 04 Pokemon Regional Championships at Wizard World Philadelphia. Emerald Mudkip with Wizard World Philly stamp handed out.   (Wizard World Philadelphia ) Edit
April 30 Emerald Pre-Releases Begin Edit
May Regional Championships Edit
June Gym Challenges Edit
June 30 Third Professor Championship at Origins in Columbus, OH
Winner: Shawn Gettys
  (Origins )
July 01 U.S. National Championship (Origins in Columbus, OH) - July 1st and 2nd
10-: Curran Hill
11-14: Stuart Benson
15+: Seena Ghaziaskar
  (Origins )
August 13 Unseen Forces Pre-Releases Begin Edit
August 18 Last Chance Grinder to get into Worlds - Only 8 15+ made it. Edit
August 19 The Third World Championship, sponsored by Pokemon USA, Inc. Held in San Diego, CA on Aug. 19th and 20th.
10-: Curran Hill
11-14: Stuart Benson
15+: Jeremy Maron (Queendom)
  (Town and Country Resort )
September 01 Hidden Legends On (HL-On) becomes the new Modified format. Edit
September 17 Pokemon Rocks America -- September 17 through October 22 Edit
October 15 Pokemon Rocks America invaded Navy Pier in Chicago. Over 10,000 people attend the event. Almost 1,000 TCG demonstrations were run, and all Tournament spots (Gameboy AND TCG) were filled. One of the greatest regional events in the history of Pokemon. Edit
October 23 Delta Species Pre-Releases Begin Edit
November 12 City Championships - 11/12 through 01/21 Edit
February 04 Legend Maker Pre-Releases Begin Edit
March 04 State Championships - 03/04 through 03/19 Edit
April 06 Southern Plains Regional, held at the Houston Space Center. Almost 250 people play in the main event, while many more participate in the many side events. Also notable because it had the same number of 10- participants as Nationals 2006. At this point in time, quite posibly the single greatest TCG event since Nintendo took over.
10-: Dale L.
11-14: Tatiana M.
15+: John Silvestro
April 08 Regional Championships - 04/08 through 04/22 Edit
April 22 Holon Phantoms Pre-Releases Begin Edit
May 06 Gym Challenges - 05/06 through 06/11 Edit
June 30 Fourth Professor Championship (Origins in Columbus, OH)
Winner: Stephen Kohler
  (Origins )
July 01 U.S. National Championships (Origins in Columbus, OH) - July 1st and 2nd. There are 533 participants in this event.
10-: Andrew K.
11-14: Bobby M.
15+: Martin Moreno (Pika.dec)
  (Origins )
August 06 Pokemon Video Game National Championship, New York, NY Edit
August 12 EX: Crystal Guardians Prereleases begin. They run through August 27 (please confirm, anybody) Edit
August 18 Last Chance Grinder to get into Worlds. Edit
August 20 The Fourth World Championship, August 19th-20th at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California.
10-: Hiroki Yano
11-14: Miska Saari
15+: Jason Klaczynski
  (Hilton Anaheim )
September 01 Modified format changes to Deoxys On. RIP Hidden Legends, Fire Red Leaf Green, EX Trainer Kit, OP Series 1, and Team Rocket Returns.   (Announcement from Mike Liesik ) Edit
October 28 Dragon Frontiers Pre-Releases Begin Edit
October 28 First tournament in Fairfax, Virginia USA, is this prerelease, at Hobby Works. 38 attendants. Edit
November 18 City Championships - 11/18 through 01/21 Edit
December 02 Woodbridge, Virginia USA City Championships. Location: Game Parlor Edit
December 03 First Fairfax, Virginia USA City Championships. Location: Hobby Works. 38 Players Edit
December 09 First Warrenton, Virginia USA City Championships. Location: TSG Hobbies Edit
January 13 Midlothian, Virginia USA City Championships. Location: Richmond Comix Edit
February 03 Power Keepers Prerelease: Woodbridge, Virginia at Game Parlor. 38 players (8/10/20) in main event; 19 in booster draft afterwards. Edit
February 10 Power Keepers Prerelease: Fairfax, Virginia at Hobby Works. 56 players (22/21/13) in main event, the largest non-State VA tournament attendance number to date. Not enough packs for a side event. Edit
February 11 Power Keepers Prerelease: Midlothian, Virginia at Richmond Comix. 33 players (12/9/12) attended. Edit
February 14 EX Power Keepers release date   (Press Release ) Edit
March 10 Virginia State Championships: Woodbridge Game Parlor. 93 players (32/28/35) Edit
April 22 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released in the United States Edit
May 19 Diamond and Pearl Prerelease: Fairfax, Virginia at Hobby Works. 62 players (34/19/9) in main event, tieing the 2006 VA State attendance, now the largest non-State VA attendance number to date. Not enough packs for a side event. Edit
May 20 Diamond and Pearl Prerelease: Midlothian, Virginia at Richmond Comix. 30 players (13/7/10) in main event. Edit
May 26 Battle Road: Woodbridge, Virginia at Game Parlor Edit
August 10 The Fifth World Championship, August 10th-12th at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

Champion: Jun Hasebe (JP) age 7
2nd place: Hiroki Yano (JP) age 11
3rd place: Andrew Choong (AU) age 9
4th place: Paul Atanassov (CA) age 10

Champion: Jeremy Scharff-Kim (US) age 13
2nd place: Akira Miyazaki (JP) age 12
3rd place: Wataru Hasegawa (JP) age 13
4th place: Alexander DeCosta (CA) age 15

Champion: Tom Roos (FI) age 18
2nd place: Steffen From (DK) age 18
3rd place: Tsuguyoshi (JP) age 22
4th place: Yuki Akimura (JP) age 17

  (Hilton Waikoloa Village )
Pokemon Timeline


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