Explanation of Status Effects...

We're all familiar with the commonly-defined status effects (Special Conditions) - Poison, Paralysis, Confused, Sleep, and Burned.

But some attacks, Powers/Bodies, Trainers, and even Energy provide additional effects.

I have attempted to capture every one of those additional effects (in the sets starting with Diamond & Pearl) and categorize them. Some of this categorization was easy (switch your Active Pokemon) and some of it was very difficult (what is a search vs. a find?). This list is an attempt to clarify what each of the Effects that are searchable in the Pokepedia really mean.

Special Conditions - We're all familiar with the typical Special Conditions.
Deck/Hand Manipulation - Make your hand bigger, arrange your deck, etc.
Searching Your Deck - Searching means you will go into your deck and get a specific card.
Searching Your Discard Pile - Searching means you will go into your discard pile and get a specific card.
Finding Things in your Deck - Unlike searching (in which you go into your deck and get a specific card), finding is a more "fortuitous"/opportunist action. A find is where you look at a number of card and take one - assuming it's there. You end up with the best of what's available, even if it's not what you were originally looking for.
Energy Acceleration - A Pokemon will get an additional Energy attached.
Offense! - These effects result in either directly harming the opponent's Pokemon or making it easier to harm the Defending Pokemon.
Healing - These attacks have healing effects, either for you or your opponent
Defense! - These effects result in making it more difficult for your opponent to harm your Pokemon.
Affects Matchup - Modifes who are the Active Pokemon
Mess With Your Opponent - Don't let your opponent does something he or she wants to do (or make him or her do something they don't want to do). Disruption, in general, is greatly underrated.
Pokemon Modification - Change some basic characteristic about your Pokemon.
Miscellaneous - Didn't really fit anywhere else.

Some other things you should know...

and / or - In case you don't know how to use this.
Flipping Options - Here's a description of your flipping options. hehe.