Salamence   (#59,  XY Promos)
Stage:   Stage 2         HP:   150          Type:   Dragon           Weakness:   Yx2           Resistance:   None
Power:  Delta Evolution - You may play this card from your hand to evolve a Pokemon during your first turn or the turn you play that Pokemon. (Ancient Trait)
Attack:  [1] Call for Goons - Search your deck for up to 3 Basic Pokemon and put them onto your Bench. Shuffle your deck afterward.
Attack:  [2RW] Dragon Pulse (130) Discard the top card of your deck.
Retreat Cost:  2      Rarity:  Promo
Artist:  Naoki Saito
Pokemon Number:  373
Species:  Salamence
Subspecies:  Salamence
Flavor:  Dragon