Giovanni's Gyarados   (#5,  Gym Challenge)
Stage:   Stage 1         HP:   90          Type:   Water           Weakness:   G           Resistance:   F
Attack:  [W] Summon Storm - Flip 2 coins. If both of them are heads, this attack does 20 damage to each other Pokemon (even your own). Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for this attack.
Attack:  [2WW] Dragon Tornado (40) Unless this attack Knocks Out the Defending Pokemon, choose 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon and switch it with the Defending Pokemon.
Retreat Cost:  3      Rarity:  Rare
Artist:  Ken Sugimori
Pokemon Number:  130.14
Species:  Gyarados
Subspecies:  Giovanni's Gyarados
Flavor:  Atrocious
Level:  40