Crobat G   (#47,  Platinum)
Stage:   Basic         HP:   80          Type:   Psychic           Weakness:   Lx2           Resistance:   F-20
Power:  Flash Bite - Once during your turn, when you put Crobat G from your hand onto your Bench, you may put 1 damage counter on 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. (Poke-POWER)
Attack:  [1P] Toxic Fang - The Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned. Put 2 damage counters instead of 1 on the Defending Pokemon between turns.
Retreat Cost:  0      Rarity:  Uncommon
Artist:  Makoto Imai
Pokemon Number:  169.551
Species:  Crobat
Subspecies:  Crobat G
Flavor:  Bat