Unown [J]   (#76,  Legends Awakened)
Stage:   Basic         HP:   50          Type:   Psychic           Weakness:   P+10           Resistance:   None
Power:  JUNK - Once during your turn, when you put Unown J from your hand onto your Bench, you may flip a coin. If heads, search your discard pile for a Trainer card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. (Poke-POWER)
Attack:  [P] Hidden Power (10) Remove the Special Condition Asleep from the Defending Pokemon.
Retreat Cost:  1      Rarity:  Uncommon
Artist:  Kent Kanetsuna
Pokemon Number:  201.01
Species:  Unown
Subspecies:  Unown [J]
Flavor:  Symbol