Salamence ex   (#103,  Deoxys)
Stage:   Stage 2         HP:   160          Type:   Colorless           Weakness:   C           Resistance:   FR
Power:  Dragon Lift - The Retreat Cost for each of your Pokemon (excluding Pokemon-ex and Baby Pokemon) is 0. (Poke-BODY)
Attack:  [1R] Flame Jet - Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 40 damage to that Pokemon. This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness or Resistance.
Attack:  [2RW] Bright Flame (120) Discard 2 Energy attached to Salamence ex.
Retreat Cost:  2      Rarity:  Ultra-Rare
Artist:  Hikaru Koike
Pokemon Number:  373.222
Species:  Salamence
Subspecies:  Salamence ex
Flavor:  Dragon