Card Illustrated by match (117).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Wobbuffet  HGSS04  HGSS Promos  View
Shuckle  HGSS15  HGSS Promos  View
Quagsire  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Raichu  10  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Pichu  28  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Pikachu  78  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Wooper  88  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Torterra  10  Unleashed  View
Cherrim  28  Unleashed  View
Grotle  31  Unleashed  View
Cherubi  47  Unleashed  View
Tropius  66  Unleashed  View
Turtwig  67  Unleashed  View
Espeon  Undaunted  View
Lairon  29  Undaunted  View
Pinsir  32  Undaunted  View
Aron  42  Undaunted  View
Nidoking  Triumphant  View
Ditto  17  Triumphant  View
Nidorino  46  Triumphant  View
Nidoran M  70  Triumphant  View
Pikachu  HGSS Trainer Kit (Lighting)  View
Pikachu  16  HGSS Trainer Kit (Lighting)  View
Raichu  19  HGSS Trainer Kit (Lighting)  View
Raichu  30  HGSS Trainer Kit (Lighting)  View
Espeon  Call of Legends  View
Jirachi  11  Call of Legends  View
Leafeon  13  Call of Legends  View
Pansear  21  Black and White  View
Timburr  58  Black and White  View
Watchog  79  Black and White  View
Stoutland  83  Black and White  View
Simisage  Emerging Powers  View
Basculin  24  Emerging Powers  View
Sigilyph  42  Emerging Powers  View
Drilbur  54  Emerging Powers  View
Throh  58  Emerging Powers  View
Foongus  Noble Victories  View
Carracosta  26  Noble Victories  View
Vanillish  28  Noble Victories  View
Zebstrika  36  Noble Victories  View
Garbodor  49  Noble Victories  View
Mienfoo  69  Noble Victories  View
Muk  53  Next Destinies  View
Hippopotas  65  Next Destinies  View
Shiftry  72  Next Destinies  View
Ferroseed  77  Next Destinies  View
Larvesta  20  Dark Explorers  View
Vullaby  73  Dark Explorers  View
Cascoon  Dragons Exalted  View
Wailord  26  Dragons Exalted  View
Probopass  82  Dragons Exalted  View
Vigoroth  102  Dragons Exalted  View
Bidoof  106  Dragons Exalted  View
Fraxure  15  Dragon Vault  View
Numel  21  Boundaries Crossed  View
Psyduck  32  Boundaries Crossed  View
Golduck  34  Boundaries Crossed  View
Oshawott  39  Boundaries Crossed  View
Dewott  40  Boundaries Crossed  View
Samurott  41  Boundaries Crossed  View
Whirlipede  73  Boundaries Crossed  View
Mamoswine  28  Plasma Storm  View
Ludicolo  31  Plasma Storm  View
Magnemite  43  Plasma Storm  View
Magneton  45  Plasma Storm  View
Magnezone  47  Plasma Storm  View
Koffing  57  Plasma Storm  View
Exploud  107  Plasma Storm  View
Kakuna  Plasma Freeze  View
Exeggutor  Plasma Freeze  View
Zweilous  77  Plasma Freeze  View
Hoothoot  91  Plasma Freeze  View
Karrablast  Plasma Blast  View
Duosion  43  Plasma Blast  View
Machoke  48  Plasma Blast  View
Leavanny  12  Legendary Treasures  View
Charmander  17  Legendary Treasures  View
Zoroark  90  Legendary Treasures  View
Druddigon  106  Legendary Treasures  View
Drilbur  McDonald's Promos 2012  View
Krookodile  71  XY  View
Lillipup  108  XY  View
Timburr  11  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Drilbur  13  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Drilbur  25  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Timburr  29  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Watchog  BW Trainer Kit (Zoroark)  View
Maractus  10  Flashfire  View
Duskull  38  Flashfire  View
Sneasel  51  Flashfire  View
Hitmonchan  48  Furious Fists  View
Scrafty  67  Furious Fists  View
Clefairy  70  Furious Fists  View
Kingler  14  Phantom Forces  View
Zubat  31  Phantom Forces  View
Bronzong  61  Phantom Forces  View
Diggersby  88  Phantom Forces  View
Tangela  Primal Clash  View
Grovyle  Primal Clash  View
Eelektrik  63  Primal Clash  View
Tentacruel  72  Primal Clash  View
Linoone  112  Primal Clash  View
Dustox  Roaring Skies  View
Manectric  25  Roaring Skies  View
Virizion  12  Ancient Origins  View
Kirlia  53  Ancient Origins  View
Woobat  71  BREAKthrough  View
Marowak  78  BREAKthrough  View
Hawlucha  87  BREAKthrough  View
Cacturne  88  BREAKthrough  View
Braviary  130  BREAKthrough  View
Bronzong  XY21  XY Promos  View
Fearow  XY57  XY Promos  View
Sableye  XY92  XY Promos  View
Mewtwo  XY100  XY Promos  View
Mewtwo  XY101  XY Promos  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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