Card Illustrated by Wataru Kawahara (38).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Typhlosion  HGSS09  HGSS Promos  View
Latias  HGSS10  HGSS Promos  View
Latios  HGSS11  HGSS Promos  View
Charizard G Lv.X  DP45  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Cresselia  DP51  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Darkrai  DP52  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Charizard G  20  Supreme Victors  View
Crawdaunt G  23  Supreme Victors  View
Battle Tower  134  Supreme Victors  View
VS Seeker  140  Supreme Victors  View
Charizard G Lv.X  143  Supreme Victors  View
Beedrill G  53  Arceus  View
Bench Shield  83  Arceus  View
Expert Belt  87  Arceus  View
Arceus  AR3  Arceus  View
Arceus  AR6  Arceus  View
Energy Switch  91  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Pokemon Reversal  99  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Typhlosion  110  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Gyarados  123  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Jirachi  Unleashed  View
Metagross  Unleashed  View
Metang  33  Unleashed  View
Beldum  44  Unleashed  View
Carnivine  46  Unleashed  View
Energy Returner  74  Unleashed  View
Good Rod  76  Unleashed  View
Super Scoop Up  83  Unleashed  View
Steelix  87  Unleashed  View
Tyranitar  88  Unleashed  View
Ursaring  89  Unleashed  View
Seeker  88  Triumphant  View
Energy Switch  21  HGSS Trainer Kit (Water)  View
Energy Switch  29  HGSS Trainer Kit (Lighting)  View
Zangoose  39  Call of Legends  View
Seviper  51  Call of Legends  View
Relicanth  69  Call of Legends  View
Lost Remover  80  Call of Legends  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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