Card Illustrated by Shizurow (84).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Snivy  BW06  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Torterra Lv.X  DP09  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Infernape Lv.X  DP10  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Empoleon Lv.X  DP11  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Darkrai Lv.X  DP19  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Mewtwo Lv.X  DP28  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Regigigas Lv.X  DP30  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Heatran Lv.X  DP31  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Giratina Lv.X  DP38  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Shaymin Lv.X  DP39  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Garchomp C Lv.X  DP46  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Rayquaza C Lv.X  DP47  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Arceus Lv.X  DP53  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Crystal Beach  75  Crystal Guardians  View
Memory Berry (Major text change. Requires reference.)  80  Crystal Guardians  View
Delcatty ex  91  Crystal Guardians  View
Jirachi ex  94  Crystal Guardians  View
Sceptile ex (Delta Species)  96  Crystal Guardians  View
Holon Legacy  74  Dragon Frontiers  View
Old Rod  78  Dragon Frontiers  View
Strength Charm  81  Dragon Frontiers  View
Altaria ex (Delta Species)  90  Dragon Frontiers  View
Latias ex (Delta Species)  95  Dragon Frontiers  View
Super Scoop Up  115  Diamond and Pearl  View
Empoleon Lv.X  120  Diamond and Pearl  View
Infernape Lv.X  121  Diamond and Pearl  View
Torterra Lv.X  122  Diamond and Pearl  View
Electivire Lv.X  121  Mysterious Treasures  View
Magmortar Lv.X  123  Mysterious Treasures  View
Time Space Distortion  124  Mysterious Treasures  View
Cresselia Lv.X  103  Great Encounters  View
Darkrai Lv.X  104  Great Encounters  View
Super Scoop Up  87  Majestic Dawn  View
Azelf Lv.X  140  Legends Awakened  View
Mesprit Lv.X  143  Legends Awakened  View
Mewtwo Lv.X  144  Legends Awakened  View
Uxie Lv.X  146  Legends Awakened  View
Dusknoir Lv.X  96  Stormfront  View
Heatran Lv.X  97  Stormfront  View
Regigigas Lv.X  100  Stormfront  View
Memory Berry  110  Platinum  View
Giratina Lv.X  124  Platinum  View
Shaymin Lv.X  126  Platinum  View
Shaymin Lv.X  127  Platinum  View
Flygon Lv.X  105  Rising Rivals  View
Hippowdon Lv.X  107  Rising Rivals  View
Snorlax Lv.X  111  Rising Rivals  View
Garchomp C Lv.X  145  Supreme Victors  View
Rayquaza C Lv.X  146  Supreme Victors  View
Arceus Lv.X  94  Arceus  View
Gengar Lv.X  97  Arceus  View
Legend Box  75  Undaunted  View
Spiritomb  10  Triumphant  View
Dugtrio  19  Triumphant  View
Diglett  61  Triumphant  View
Machamp  95  Triumphant  View
Shaymin EX  Next Destinies  View
Reshiram EX  22  Next Destinies  View
Kyurem EX  38  Next Destinies  View
Zekrom EX  51  Next Destinies  View
Mewtwo EX  54  Next Destinies  View
Regigigas EX  82  Next Destinies  View
Shaymin EX (Full Art)  94  Next Destinies  View
Reshiram EX (Full Art)  95  Next Destinies  View
Kyurem EX (Full Art)  96  Next Destinies  View
Zekrom EX (Full Art)  97  Next Destinies  View
Mewtwo EX (Full Art)  98  Next Destinies  View
Regigigas EX (Full Art)  99  Next Destinies  View
Entei EX  13  Dark Explorers  View
Kyogre EX  26  Dark Explorers  View
Raikou EX  38  Dark Explorers  View
Groudon EX  54  Dark Explorers  View
Darkrai EX  63  Dark Explorers  View
Tornadus EX  90  Dark Explorers  View
Black Kyurem EX  95  Plasma Storm  View
White Kyurem EX  96  Plasma Storm  View
Reshiram EX  29  Legendary Treasures  View
Kyurem EX  44  Legendary Treasures  View
Zekrom EX  52  Legendary Treasures  View
Mewtwo EX  54  Legendary Treasures  View
Darkrai EX  88  Legendary Treasures  View
Reshiram EX  BW36  Black and White Promos  View
Kyurem EX  BW37  Black and White Promos  View
Zekrom EX  BW38  Black and White Promos  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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