Card Illustrated by Ryo Ueda (367).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Lucario Lv.X  DP12  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Dialga Lv.X  DP17  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Palkia Lv.X  DP18  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Rhyperior Lv.X  DP29  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Dialga Lv.X  DP37  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Arceus Lv.X  DP56  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Championship Arena  28  Nintendo Promos  View
Pikachu (Delta Species)  35  Nintendo Promos  View
Kyogre ex  37  Nintendo Promos  View
Groudon ex  38  Nintendo Promos  View
Rayquaza ex  39  Nintendo Promos  View
Chansey ex  96  Ruby and Sapphire  View
Scyther ex  102  Ruby and Sapphire  View
Sneasel ex  103  Ruby and Sapphire  View
Double Full Heal  86  Sandstorm  View
Rare Candy  88  Sandstorm  View
Claw Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  90  Sandstorm  View
Root Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  92  Sandstorm  View
Kabutops ex  97  Sandstorm  View
Raichu ex  98  Sandstorm  View
Wailord ex  100  Sandstorm  View
Ampharos ex  89  Dragon  View
Dragonite ex  90  Dragon  View
Latias ex  93  Dragon  View
Latios ex  94  Dragon  View
Team Aqua Ball  75  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Team Magma Ball  80  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Cradily ex  90  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Entei ex  91  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Raikou ex  92  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Suicune ex  94  Team Aqua-Team Magma  View
Jirachi  Hidden Legends  View
Life Herb  90  Hidden Legends  View
Ninetales ex  96  Hidden Legends  View
Vileplume ex  100  Hidden Legends  View
Wigglytuff ex  101  Hidden Legends  View
Life Herb  93  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Electrode ex  107  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Mr. Mime ex  110  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Mr. Mime ex  111  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Venusaur ex  112  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Articuno ex  114  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Moltres ex  115  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Zapdos ex  116  Fire Red Leaf Green  View
Rocket's Hideout  87  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Poke Ball  89  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Tricky Gym  90  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Articuno ex  96  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Entei ex  97  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Moltres ex  100  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Sneasel ex  103  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Suicune ex  105  Team Rocket Returns  View
Rocket's Zapdos ex  106  Team Rocket Returns  View
Meteor Falls  89  Deoxys  View
Space Center  91  Deoxys  View
Crobat ex  96  Deoxys  View
Hariyama ex  100  Deoxys  View
Rocket's Raikou ex  108  Deoxys  View
Battle Frontier  75  Emerald  View
Double Full Heal  76  Emerald  View
Rare Candy  83  Emerald  View
Altaria ex  90  Emerald  View
Camerupt ex  92  Emerald  View
Milotic ex  96  Emerald  View
Curse Powder  80  Unseen Forces  View
Energy Root  83  Unseen Forces  View
Fluffy Berry  85  Unseen Forces  View
Protective Orb  90  Unseen Forces  View
Sitrus Berry  91  Unseen Forces  View
Solid Rage  92  Unseen Forces  View
Blissey ex  101  Unseen Forces  View
Espeon ex  102  Unseen Forces  View
Meganium ex  106  Unseen Forces  View
Politoed ex  107  Unseen Forces  View
Steelix ex  109  Unseen Forces  View
Umbreon ex  112  Unseen Forces  View
Celebi ex  117  Unseen Forces  View
Celebi ex  17  OP Series 2  View
Crobat (Delta Species)  Delta Species  View
Dragonite (Delta Species)  Delta Species  View
Espeon (Delta Species)  Delta Species  View
Latias (Delta Species)  Delta Species  View
Latios (Delta Species)  Delta Species  View
Mewtwo (Delta Species)  12  Delta Species  View
Rayquaza (Delta Species)  13  Delta Species  View
Salamence (Delta Species)  14  Delta Species  View
Umbreon (Delta Species)  17  Delta Species  View
Holon Research Tower  94  Delta Species  View
Holon Ruins  96  Delta Species  View
Flareon ex  108  Delta Species  View
Cursed Stone  72  Legend Maker  View
Full Flame  74  Legend Maker  View
Giant Stump  75  Legend Maker  View
Power Tree  76  Legend Maker  View
Strange Cave  77  Legend Maker  View
Claw Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  78  Legend Maker  View
Mysterious Fossil  79  Legend Maker  View
Root Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  80  Legend Maker  View
Flygon ex  87  Legend Maker  View
Mew ex  88  Legend Maker  View
Pikachu (Delta Species)  93  Legend Maker  View
Mewtwo (Delta Species)  24  Holon Phantoms  View
Rayquaza (Delta Species)  26  Holon Phantoms  View
Holon Lake  87  Holon Phantoms  View
Rare Candy  90  Holon Phantoms  View
Claw Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  91  Holon Phantoms  View
Mysterious Fossil  92  Holon Phantoms  View
Root Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  93  Holon Phantoms  View
Crawdaunt ex  99  Holon Phantoms  View
Mew ex  100  Holon Phantoms  View
Mightyena ex  101  Holon Phantoms  View
Double Full Heal  77  Crystal Guardians  View
Holon Circle  79  Crystal Guardians  View
Windstorm  85  Crystal Guardians  View
Aggron ex  89  Crystal Guardians  View
Shiftry ex  97  Crystal Guardians  View
Swampert ex  98  Crystal Guardians  View
Dragonite ex (Delta Species)  91  Dragon Frontiers  View
Latios ex (Delta Species)  96  Dragon Frontiers  View
Rayquaza ex (Delta Species)  97  Dragon Frontiers  View
Salamence ex (Delta Species)  98  Dragon Frontiers  View
Drake's Stadium  72  Power Keepers  View
Glacia's Stadium  76  Power Keepers  View
Phoebe's Stadium  79  Power Keepers  View
Sidney's Stadium  82  Power Keepers  View
Claw Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  84  Power Keepers  View
Mysterious Fossil  85  Power Keepers  View
Root Fossil (Major text change. Requires reference.)  86  Power Keepers  View
Absol ex  92  Power Keepers  View
Claydol ex  93  Power Keepers  View
Metagross ex  95  Power Keepers  View
Shiftry ex  97  Power Keepers  View
Skarmory ex  98  Power Keepers  View
Walrein ex  99  Power Keepers  View
Rare Candy  OP Series 5  View
Pikachu (Delta Species)  13  OP Series 5  View
Double Full Heal  105  Diamond and Pearl  View
Energy Switch  107  Diamond and Pearl  View
Night Pokemon Center  108  Diamond and Pearl  View
PlusPower  109  Diamond and Pearl  View
Speed Stadium  114  Diamond and Pearl  View
Switch  119  Diamond and Pearl  View
Azelf  Mysterious Treasures  View
Mesprit  14  Mysterious Treasures  View
Uxie  18  Mysterious Treasures  View
Dusk Ball  110  Mysterious Treasures  View
Lake Boundary  112  Mysterious Treasures  View
Night Maintenance  113  Mysterious Treasures  View
Quick Ball  114  Mysterious Treasures  View
Armor Fossil  116  Mysterious Treasures  View
Skull Fossil  117  Mysterious Treasures  View
Lucario Lv.X  122  Mysterious Treasures  View
Entei  Secret Wonders  View
Raikou  16  Secret Wonders  View
Suicune  19  Secret Wonders  View
Night Maintenance  120  Secret Wonders  View
PlusPower  121  Secret Wonders  View
Switch  128  Secret Wonders  View
Gardevoir Lv.X  131  Secret Wonders  View
Honchkrow Lv.X  132  Secret Wonders  View
Dusk Ball  DP Trainer Kit 1 (Blue)  View
Quick Ball  10  DP Trainer Kit 1 (Gold)  View
Cresselia  Great Encounters  View
Darkrai  Great Encounters  View
Moonlight Stadium  100  Great Encounters  View
Premier Ball  101  Great Encounters  View
Rare Candy  102  Great Encounters  View
Dialga Lv.X  105  Great Encounters  View
Palkia Lv.X  106  Great Encounters  View
Dawn Stadium  79  Majestic Dawn  View
Dusk Ball  80  Majestic Dawn  View
Old Amber  84  Majestic Dawn  View
Poke Ball  85  Majestic Dawn  View
Quick Ball  86  Majestic Dawn  View
Warp Point  88  Majestic Dawn  View
Dome Fossil  89  Majestic Dawn  View
Energy Search  90  Majestic Dawn  View
Helix Fossil  91  Majestic Dawn  View
Garchomp Lv.X  97  Majestic Dawn  View
Glaceon Lv.X  98  Majestic Dawn  View
Leafeon Lv.X  99  Majestic Dawn  View
Porygon-Z Lv.X  100  Majestic Dawn  View
Regigigas  15  Legends Awakened  View
Spiritomb  16  Legends Awakened  View
Snowpoint Temple  134  Legends Awakened  View
Stark Mountain  135  Legends Awakened  View
Technical Machine TS-1  136  Legends Awakened  View
Technical Machine TS-2  137  Legends Awakened  View
Claw Fossil  138  Legends Awakened  View
Root Fossil  139  Legends Awakened  View
Gliscor Lv.X  141  Legends Awakened  View
Magnezone Lv.X  142  Legends Awakened  View
Rhyperior Lv.X  145  Legends Awakened  View
Conductive Quarry  82  Stormfront  View
Energy Link  83  Stormfront  View
Energy Switch  84  Stormfront  View
Luxury Ball  86  Stormfront  View
Poke Blower +  88  Stormfront  View
Poke Drawer +  89  Stormfront  View
Poke Healer +  90  Stormfront  View
Premier Ball  91  Stormfront  View
Switch  93  Stormfront  View
Machamp Lv.X  98  Stormfront  View
Raichu Lv.X  99  Stormfront  View
Night Maintenance  OP Series 8  View
Rare Candy  10  OP Series 8  View
Level Max  107  Platinum  View
Life Herb  108  Platinum  View
Miasma Valley  111  Platinum  View
PlusPower  112  Platinum  View
Poke Ball  113  Platinum  View
Pokedex HANDY910is  114  Platinum  View
Pokemon Rescue  115  Platinum  View
Armor Fossil  119  Platinum  View
Skull Fossil  120  Platinum  View
Drapion Lv.X  123  Platinum  View
Upper Energy  102  Rising Rivals  View
Alakazam E4 Lv.X  103  Rising Rivals  View
Gallade E4 Lv.X  106  Rising Rivals  View
Infernape E4 Lv.X  108  Rising Rivals  View
Blaziken FB Lv.X  142  Supreme Victors  View
Electivire FB Lv.X  144  Supreme Victors  View
Staraptor FB Lv.X  147  Supreme Victors  View
Beginning Door  82  Arceus  View
Buffer Piece  84  Arceus  View
Energy Restore  86  Arceus  View
Old Amber  89  Arceus  View
Dome Fossil  92  Arceus  View
Helix Fossil  93  Arceus  View
Arceus Lv.X  95  Arceus  View
Arceus Lv.X  96  Arceus  View
Salamence Lv.X  98  Arceus  View
Tangrowth Lv.X  99  Arceus  View
Burned Tower  71  Undaunted  View
Defender  72  Undaunted  View
Energy Exchanger  73  Undaunted  View
Ruins Of Alph  76  Undaunted  View
Altaria  Triumphant  View
Carnivine  16  Triumphant  View
Shuppet  75  Triumphant  View
Swablu  78  Triumphant  View
Indigo Plateau  86  Triumphant  View
Junk Arm  87  Triumphant  View
Deoxys  Call of Legends  View
Groudon  Call of Legends  View
Ho-Oh  Call of Legends  View
Kyogre  12  Call of Legends  View
Lugia  15  Call of Legends  View
Rayquaza  20  Call of Legends  View
Energy Search  93  Black and White  View
Recycle  96  Emerging Powers  View
Cover Fossil  90  Noble Victories  View
Plume Fossil  93  Noble Victories  View
Rocky Helmet  94  Noble Victories  View
Xtransceiver  96  Noble Victories  View
Arcanine  13  Next Destinies  View
Moltres  14  Next Destinies  View
Articuno  27  Next Destinies  View
Zapdos  41  Next Destinies  View
Exp. Share  87  Next Destinies  View
Heavy Ball  88  Next Destinies  View
Skyarrow Bridge  91  Next Destinies  View
Leafeon  Dark Explorers  View
Crustle  Dark Explorers  View
Glaceon  30  Dark Explorers  View
Enhanced Hammer  94  Dark Explorers  View
Old Amber Aerodactyl  97  Dark Explorers  View
Rare Candy  100  Dark Explorers  View
Twist Mountain  101  Dark Explorers  View
Sigilyph  52  Dragons Exalted  View
Golurk  59  Dragons Exalted  View
Gigalith  67  Dragons Exalted  View
Devolution Spray  113  Dragons Exalted  View
Giant Cape  114  Dragons Exalted  View
Rescue Scarf  115  Dragons Exalted  View
Tool Scrapper  116  Dragons Exalted  View
Latios  10  Dragon Vault  View
Exp. Share  18  Dragon Vault  View
Kyurem  21  Dragon Vault  View
Keldeo  47  Boundaries Crossed  View
Aspertia City Gym  127  Boundaries Crossed  View
Energy Search  128  Boundaries Crossed  View
Rocky Helmet  133  Boundaries Crossed  View
Computer Search  137  Boundaries Crossed  View
Gold Potion  140  Boundaries Crossed  View
Rocky Helmet (Shiny)  153  Boundaries Crossed  View
Colress Machine (Team Plasma)  119  Plasma Storm  View
Escape Rope  120  Plasma Storm  View
Virbank City Gym  126  Plasma Storm  View
Dowsing Machine  128  Plasma Storm  View
Victini EX (Full Art)  131  Plasma Storm  View
Cobalion EX (Full Art)  133  Plasma Storm  View
Latias EX  85  Plasma Freeze  View
Latios EX  86  Plasma Freeze  View
Latias EX (Full Art)  112  Plasma Freeze  View
Latios EX (Full Art)  113  Plasma Freeze  View
Virizion EX  Plasma Blast  View
Mesprit  37  Plasma Blast  View
Jirachi EX  60  Plasma Blast  View
Cover Fossil  79  Plasma Blast  View
Plume Fossil  82  Plasma Blast  View
Rare Candy  85  Plasma Blast  View
Chandelure EX  77  Legendary Treasures  View
Excadrill EX  82  Legendary Treasures  View
Fairy Garden  117  XY  View
Shadow Circle  126  XY  View
Venusaur EX (Basic) (Full Art)  141  XY  View
Blastoise EX (Basic) (Full Art)  142  XY  View
Emolga EX (Full Art)  143  XY  View
Skarmory EX (Full Art)  145  XY  View
Energy Search  21  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Energy Search  27  BW Trainer Kit (Zoroark)  View
Magnetic Storm  91  Flashfire  View
Charizard EX (Basic) (Full Art)  100  Flashfire  View
Magnezone EX (Full Art)  101  Flashfire  View
Toxicroak EX (Full Art)  102  Flashfire  View
Kangaskhan EX (Full Art)  103  Flashfire  View
Fighting Stadium  90  Furious Fists  View
Mountain Ring  97  Furious Fists  View
Training Center  102  Furious Fists  View
Heracross EX (Full Art)  105  Furious Fists  View
Seismitoad EX (Full Art)  106  Furious Fists  View
Lucario EX (Full Art)  107  Furious Fists  View
Dragonite EX (Full Art)  108  Furious Fists  View
Dimension Valley  93  Phantom Forces  View
Enhanced Hammer  94  Phantom Forces  View
Steel Shelter  105  Phantom Forces  View
Manectric EX (Full Art)  113  Phantom Forces  View
Gengar EX (Full Art)  114  Phantom Forces  View
Malamar EX (Full Art)  115  Phantom Forces  View
Florges EX (Full Art)  116  Phantom Forces  View
Rough Seas  137  Primal Clash  View
Scorched Earth  138  Primal Clash  View
Shrine of Memories  139  Primal Clash  View
Silent Lab  140  Primal Clash  View
Trevenant EX (Full Art)  145  Primal Clash  View
Camerupt EX (Full Art)  146  Primal Clash  View
Wailord EX (Full Art)  147  Primal Clash  View
Sharpedo EX (Full Art)  152  Primal Clash  View
Aggron EX (Full Art)  153  Primal Clash  View
Gardevoir EX (Full Art)  155  Primal Clash  View
Enhanced Hammer (Gold)  162  Primal Clash  View
Team Aqua's Secret Base  28  Double Crisis  View
Team Magma's Secret Base  32  Double Crisis  View
Thundurus EX (Full Art)  98  Roaring Skies  View
Gallade EX (Full Art)  99  Roaring Skies  View
Latios EX (Full Art)  101  Roaring Skies  View
Hydreigon EX (Full Art)  103  Roaring Skies  View
Rayquaza EX (Full Art)  104  Roaring Skies  View
Shaymin EX (Full Art)  106  Roaring Skies  View
Wally (Full Art)  107  Roaring Skies  View
Faded Town  73  Ancient Origins  View
Forest of Giant Plants  74  Ancient Origins  View
Sceptile EX (Full Art)  84  Ancient Origins  View
Kyurem EX (Full Art)  86  Ancient Origins  View
Ampharos EX (Full Art)  87  Ancient Origins  View
Machamp EX (Full Art)  90  Ancient Origins  View
Tyranitar EX (Full Art)  91  Ancient Origins  View
Giratina EX (Full Art)  93  Ancient Origins  View
Lugia EX (Full Art)  94  Ancient Origins  View
Houndoom EX (Full Art)  153  BREAKthrough  View
Glalie EX (Full Art)  155  BREAKthrough  View
Mewtwo EX (Full Art)  157  BREAKthrough  View
Mewtwo EX (Full Art)  158  BREAKthrough  View
Tornadus EX  BW96  Black and White Promos  View
Garchomp EX  XY09  XY Promos  View
Dragalge  XY10  XY Promos  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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