Card Illustrated by Naoki Saito (121).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Zoroark  BW09  BW Promos (Unlimited)  View
Pidove  BW15  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Tropical Beach  BW28  BW Promos (Unlimited)  View
Luxio  BW34  BW Promos (Unlimited)  View
Lilligant  BW49  BW Promos (Unlimited)  View
Tropical Beach  BW50  BW Promos (Unlimited)  View
Gliscor  Undaunted  View
Gligar  49  Undaunted  View
Golduck  22  Triumphant  View
Psyduck  74  Triumphant  View
Darmanitan  25  Black and White  View
Gurdurr  60  Black and White  View
Sawk  62  Black and White  View
Zoroark  71  Black and White  View
Klang  75  Black and White  View
Bouffalant  90  Black and White  View
Sewaddle  Emerging Powers  View
Swadloon  Emerging Powers  View
Gothorita  46  Emerging Powers  View
Gigalith  53  Emerging Powers  View
Krookodile  62  Emerging Powers  View
Pidove  80  Emerging Powers  View
Victini  15  Noble Victories  View
Larvesta  20  Noble Victories  View
Emolga  37  Noble Victories  View
Tynamo  39  Noble Victories  View
Elgyem  55  Noble Victories  View
Litwick  58  Noble Victories  View
Audino  85  Noble Victories  View
Raichu  40  Next Destinies  View
Shinx  43  Next Destinies  View
Luxio  45  Next Destinies  View
Zebstrika  48  Next Destinies  View
Lucario  64  Next Destinies  View
Hippowdon  66  Next Destinies  View
Scrafty  74  Next Destinies  View
Bronzor  75  Next Destinies  View
Meowth  80  Next Destinies  View
Zoroark  102  Next Destinies  View
Scyther  Dark Explorers  View
Empoleon  29  Dark Explorers  View
Plusle  39  Dark Explorers  View
Minun  40  Dark Explorers  View
Pawniard  78  Dark Explorers  View
Bisharp  79  Dark Explorers  View
Yanmega  Dragons Exalted  View
Silcoon  Dragons Exalted  View
Floatzel  33  Dragons Exalted  View
Garchomp  91  Dragons Exalted  View
Hydreigon  98  Dragons Exalted  View
Slaking  103  Dragons Exalted  View
Dratini  Dragon Vault  View
Heracross  Boundaries Crossed  View
Keldeo  48  Boundaries Crossed  View
Duskull  61  Boundaries Crossed  View
Sandshrew  78  Boundaries Crossed  View
Vullaby  92  Boundaries Crossed  View
Mandibuzz  93  Boundaries Crossed  View
Vibrava  98  Boundaries Crossed  View
Raticate  105  Boundaries Crossed  View
Watchog  119  Boundaries Crossed  View
Simisear  20  Plasma Storm  View
Squirtle  24  Plasma Storm  View
Manaphy  34  Plasma Storm  View
Patrat  111  Plasma Storm  View
Treecko  Plasma Freeze  View
Deino  76  Plasma Freeze  View
Eevee  89  Plasma Freeze  View
Ducklett  29  Plasma Blast  View
Machamp  49  Plasma Blast  View
Throh  51  Plasma Blast  View
Sawk  52  Plasma Blast  View
Salamence  64  Plasma Blast  View
Crustle  14  Legendary Treasures  View
Samurott  39  Legendary Treasures  View
Toxicroak  63  Legendary Treasures  View
Arbok  48  XY  View
Rhyperior  62  XY  View
Snubbull  22  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Snorlax  26  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Gurdurr  14  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Snubbull  11  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Snubbull  27  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Arbok  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Walrein  26  Flashfire  View
Krokorok  57  Flashfire  View
Scraggy  58  Flashfire  View
Snubbull  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Electabuzz  29  Furious Fists  View
Jynx  37  Furious Fists  View
Skorupi  38  Furious Fists  View
Fossil Researcher  92  Furious Fists  View
Fossil Researcher (Full Art)  110  Furious Fists  View
Furfrou  90  Phantom Forces  View
AZ (Full Art)  117  Phantom Forces  View
Manectric  61  Primal Clash  View
Eelektrik  64  Primal Clash  View
Team Aqua's Sealeo  Double Crisis  View
Team Aqua's Seviper  Double Crisis  View
Articuno  16  Roaring Skies  View
Pikachu  20  Roaring Skies  View
Altaria  74  Roaring Skies  View
Entei  14  Ancient Origins  View
Porygon-Z  67  Ancient Origins  View
Stunfisk  56  BREAKthrough  View
Sandslash  76  BREAKthrough  View
Granbull  99  BREAKthrough  View
Doduo  115  BREAKthrough  View
Doduo  116  BREAKthrough  View
Drifblim  BW64  Black and White Promos  View
Ampharos  BW67  Black and White Promos  View
Meloetta  BW68  Black and White Promos  View
Champions Festival  BW95  Black and White Promos  View
Mew  BW98  Black and White Promos  View
Champions Festival  XY27  XY Promos  View
Altaria  XY46  XY Promos  View
Salamence  XY59  XY Promos  View
Palkia  XY75  XY Promos  View
Zekrom  XY76  XY Promos  View
Latios  XY79  XY Promos  View
Champions Festival  XY91  XY Promos  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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