Card Illustrated by Mizue (65).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Granbull  26  Call of Legends  View
Snubbull  71  Call of Legends  View
Whimsicott  12  Emerging Powers  View
Cinccino  85  Emerging Powers  View
Sewaddle  Noble Victories  View
Reuniclus  52  Noble Victories  View
Growlithe  11  Next Destinies  View
Lapras  26  Next Destinies  View
Vanillish  32  Next Destinies  View
Gardevoir  57  Next Destinies  View
Scraggy  73  Next Destinies  View
Swanna  36  Dark Explorers  View
Espeon  48  Dark Explorers  View
Timburr  58  Dark Explorers  View
Gurdurr  59  Dark Explorers  View
Chansey  81  Dark Explorers  View
Magikarp  23  Dragons Exalted  View
Gyarados  24  Dragons Exalted  View
Milotic  28  Dragons Exalted  View
Sealeo  30  Dragons Exalted  View
Gothorita  56  Dragons Exalted  View
Axew  12  Dragon Vault  View
Bellossom  Boundaries Crossed  View
Snivy  11  Boundaries Crossed  View
Servine  12  Boundaries Crossed  View
Serperior  13  Boundaries Crossed  View
Wartortle  30  Boundaries Crossed  View
Marill  36  Boundaries Crossed  View
Zubat  53  Plasma Storm  View
Kirlia  60  Plasma Storm  View
Lanturn  36  Plasma Freeze  View
Nidoqueen  42  Plasma Freeze  View
Munna  39  Plasma Blast  View
Archen  53  Plasma Blast  View
Piplup  33  Legendary Treasures  View
Dewott  38  Legendary Treasures  View
Woobat  64  Legendary Treasures  View
Meloetta  86  Legendary Treasures  View
Ralts  RC8  Legendary Treasures  View
Purrloin  RC13  Legendary Treasures  View
Ledyba  XY  View
Wigglytuff  89  XY  View
Mr. Mime  91  XY  View
Swellow  103  XY  View
Poochyena  16  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Sneasel  50  Flashfire  View
Sentret  81  Flashfire  View
Weepinbell  Furious Fists  View
Trapinch  53  Furious Fists  View
Pachirisu  25  Phantom Forces  View
Spearow  78  Phantom Forces  View
Ludicolo  12  Primal Clash  View
Shroomish  15  Primal Clash  View
Nidoran F  66  Primal Clash  View
Tentacool  71  Primal Clash  View
Dragonair  50  Roaring Skies  View
Swablu  73  Roaring Skies  View
Bellossom  Ancient Origins  View
Rotom  29  Ancient Origins  View
Vivillon  15  BREAKthrough  View
Pancham  86  BREAKthrough  View
Aromatisse  106  BREAKthrough  View
Swablu  124  BREAKthrough  View
Lillipup  BW52  Black and White Promos  View
Elgyem  BW55  Black and White Promos  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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