Card Illustrated by Kent Kanetsuna (76).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Feraligatr  HGSS07  HGSS Promos  View
Magnezone  DP32  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Dusknoir  DP33  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Lucario  DP Trainer Kit 1 (Gold)  View
Porygon-Z  Great Encounters  View
Tangrowth  10  Great Encounters  View
Togekiss  11  Great Encounters  View
Porygon2  49  Great Encounters  View
Porygon  81  Great Encounters  View
Mewtwo  Majestic Dawn  View
Empoleon  17  Majestic Dawn  View
Hippowdon  21  Majestic Dawn  View
Toxicroak  31  Majestic Dawn  View
Unown [P]  33  Majestic Dawn  View
Prinplup  44  Majestic Dawn  View
Staravia  47  Majestic Dawn  View
Unown [Q]  49  Majestic Dawn  View
Croagunk  60  Majestic Dawn  View
Hippopotas  66  Majestic Dawn  View
Piplup  71  Majestic Dawn  View
Starly  75  Majestic Dawn  View
Deoxys Normal Forme  Legends Awakened  View
Gliscor  Legends Awakened  View
Heatran  Legends Awakened  View
Metagross  10  Legends Awakened  View
Probopass  13  Legends Awakened  View
Rayquaza  14  Legends Awakened  View
Yanmega  17  Legends Awakened  View
Deoxys Attack Forme  24  Legends Awakened  View
Forretress  28  Legends Awakened  View
Kyogre  32  Legends Awakened  View
Unown [!]  42  Legends Awakened  View
Unown [J]  76  Legends Awakened  View
Unown [R]  77  Legends Awakened  View
Unown [U]  78  Legends Awakened  View
Unown [V]  79  Legends Awakened  View
Energy Pickup  132  Legends Awakened  View
Lumineon  Stormfront  View
Drapion  15  Stormfront  View
Mamoswine  21  Stormfront  View
Vespiquen  31  Stormfront  View
Electrode  36  Stormfront  View
Magneton  43  Stormfront  View
Magnemite  67  Stormfront  View
Voltorb  80  Stormfront  View
Great Ball  85  Stormfront  View
Voltorb  SH3  Stormfront  View
Lucario  OP Series 8  View
Dialga  23  Platinum  View
Gyarados G  30  Platinum  View
Palkia  37  Platinum  View
Houndoom G  50  Platinum  View
Broken Time-Space  104  Platinum  View
Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar  96  Rising Rivals  View
SP Energy  101  Rising Rivals  View
Mismagius GL Lv.X  110  Rising Rivals  View
Regigigas  OP Series 9  View
Double Colorless Energy  103  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Rainbow Energy  104  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Ampharos  105  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Donphan  107  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Feraligatr  108  HeartGold SoulSilver  View
Darkness Energy (Special)  79  Undaunted  View
Metal Energy (Special)  80  Undaunted  View
Illumise  64  Triumphant  View
Volbeat  82  Triumphant  View
Rescue Energy  90  Triumphant  View
Snorlax  33  Call of Legends  View
Darkness Energy (Special)  86  Call of Legends  View
Metal Energy (Special)  87  Call of Legends  View
Energy Retrieval  92  Black and White  View
Energy Switch  94  Black and White  View
Energy Retrieval  80  Plasma Blast  View
Energy Switch  112  Legendary Treasures  View
Energy Switch  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Energy Retrieval  16  BW Trainer Kit (Zoroark)  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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