Card Illustrated by Daisuke Ito (49).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Magmortar  DP20  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Raichu  DP21  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Dialga  DP26  Diamond and Pearl Promos  View
Bronzong  Mysterious Treasures  View
Meganium  13  Mysterious Treasures  View
Raichu  15  Mysterious Treasures  View
Chimecho  22  Mysterious Treasures  View
Toxicroak  36  Mysterious Treasures  View
Unown [I]  37  Mysterious Treasures  View
Whiscash  40  Mysterious Treasures  View
Unown [E]  65  Mysterious Treasures  View
Blastoise  Secret Wonders  View
Charizard  Secret Wonders  View
Flygon  Secret Wonders  View
Gallade  Secret Wonders  View
Muk  56  Secret Wonders  View
Unown [K]  68  Secret Wonders  View
Unown [N]  69  Secret Wonders  View
Unown [O]  70  Secret Wonders  View
Manaphy  DP Trainer Kit 1 (Blue)  View
Rotom  Great Encounters  View
Dialga  16  Great Encounters  View
Exploud  17  Great Encounters  View
Latias  22  Great Encounters  View
Latios  23  Great Encounters  View
Palkia  26  Great Encounters  View
Unown [H]  29  Great Encounters  View
Unown [F]  56  Great Encounters  View
Unown [G]  57  Great Encounters  View
Unown [L]  91  Great Encounters  View
Amulet Coin  97  Great Encounters  View
Leftovers  99  Great Encounters  View
Gallade  OP Series 7  View
Latias  OP Series 7  View
Latios  OP Series 7  View
Phione  12  Majestic Dawn  View
Infernape  22  Majestic Dawn  View
Scizor  29  Majestic Dawn  View
Torterra  30  Majestic Dawn  View
Grotle  37  Majestic Dawn  View
Manectric  40  Majestic Dawn  View
Monferno  41  Majestic Dawn  View
Raichu  45  Majestic Dawn  View
Bronzor  52  Majestic Dawn  View
Chimchar  56  Majestic Dawn  View
Electrike  64  Majestic Dawn  View
Pikachu  70  Majestic Dawn  View
Turtwig  77  Majestic Dawn  View
Bubble Coat  129  Legends Awakened  View
Name Card Number Set Name View

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