Wailord   (#31,  Triumphant)
Stage:   Stage 1         HP:   180          Type:   Water           Weakness:   Lx2           Resistance:   None
Attack:  [2] Underwater Dive - Flip 2 coins. For each heads, remove 3 damage counters from Wailord.
Attack:  [1WWW] Swallow Up (50+) Before doing damage, count the remaining HP of the Defending Pokemon and Wailord. If the Defending Pokemon has fewer remaining HP than Wailord, this attack does 50 damage plus 50 more damage.
Retreat Cost:  4      Rarity:  Rare
Artist:  Hajime Kusajima
Pokemon Number:  321
Species:  Wailord
Subspecies:  Wailord
Flavor:  Whale