Absol   (#15,  Legend Maker)
Stage:   Basic         HP:   70          Type:   Darkness           Weakness:   F           Resistance:   P
Power:  Shining Horn - As long as Absol is the only Pokemon you have in play, your opponent's Basic Pokemon can't attack. (Poke-BODY)
Attack:  [1] Extra Call - Search your deck for a Pokemon-ex, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.
Attack:  [1D] Feint Attack - Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 20 damage to that Pokemon. This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness, Resistance, Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies, or any other effects on that Pokemon.
Retreat Cost:  1      Rarity:  Rare
Artist:  Midori Harada
Pokemon Number:  359
Species:  Absol
Subspecies:  Absol
Flavor:  Disaster