Blaziken   (#1,  Emerald)
Stage:   Stage 2         HP:   110          Type:   Fire           Weakness:   W           Resistance:   None
Power:  Blaze - As long as Blaziken's remaining HP is 40 or less, Blaziken does 40 more damage to the Defending Pokemon (before applying Weakness and Resistance). (Poke-BODY)
Attack:  [1] Searing Flame (10) The Defending Pokemon is now Burned.
Attack:  [1RR] Damage Burn (50+) If the Defending Pokemon already has any damage counters on it, this attack does 50 damage plus 20 more damage.
Retreat Cost:  2      Rarity:  Rare
Artist:  Midori Harada
Pokemon Number:  257
Species:  Blaziken
Subspecies:  Blaziken
Flavor:  Blaze