Card Illustrated by 5ban Graphics (575).

Name Card Number Set Name View
Zoroark  BW19  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Victory Cup (3rd Place)  BW29  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Victory Cup (2nd Place)  BW30  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Victory Cup (1st Place)  BW31  BW Promos (Unlimited)   View
Snivy  Black and White  View
Servine  Black and White  View
Serperior  Black and White  View
Tepig  16  Black and White  View
Pignite  18  Black and White  View
Emboar  20  Black and White  View
Reshiram  26  Black and White  View
Oshawott  28  Black and White  View
Dewott  30  Black and White  View
Samurott  32  Black and White  View
Zekrom  47  Black and White  View
Reuniclus  57  Black and White  View
Klinklang  76  Black and White  View
Full Heal  95  Black and White  View
PlusPower  96  Black and White  View
Pokemon Communication  99  Black and White  View
Revive  102  Black and White  View
Reshiram (Full Art)  113  Black and White  View
Zekrom (Full Art)  114  Black and White  View
Virizion  17  Emerging Powers  View
Thundurus  35  Emerging Powers  View
Excadrill  56  Emerging Powers  View
Terrakion  63  Emerging Powers  View
Cobalion  77  Emerging Powers  View
Tornadus  89  Emerging Powers  View
Crushing Hammer  92  Emerging Powers  View
Great Ball  93  Emerging Powers  View
Max Potion  94  Emerging Powers  View
Pokemon Catcher  95  Emerging Powers  View
Thundurus (Full Art)  97  Emerging Powers  View
Tornadus (Full Art)  98  Emerging Powers  View
Leavanny  Noble Victories  View
Virizion  13  Noble Victories  View
Victini  14  Noble Victories  View
Kyurem  34  Noble Victories  View
Terrakion  73  Noble Victories  View
Landorus  74  Noble Victories  View
Hydreigon  79  Noble Victories  View
Bisharp  82  Noble Victories  View
Cobalion  84  Noble Victories  View
Eviolite  91  Noble Victories  View
Super Rod  95  Noble Victories  View
Virizion (Full Art)  97  Noble Victories  View
Victini (Full Art)  98  Noble Victories  View
Terrakion (Full Art)  99  Noble Victories  View
Cobalion (Full Art)  100  Noble Victories  View
Chandelure  20  Next Destinies  View
Reshiram  21  Next Destinies  View
Zekrom  50  Next Destinies  View
Level Ball  89  Next Destinies  View
Pokemon Center  90  Next Destinies  View
Double Colorless Energy  92  Next Destinies  View
Prism Energy  93  Next Destinies  View
Emboar  100  Next Destinies  View
Hydreigon  103  Next Destinies  View
Krookodile  66  Dark Explorers  View
Zoroark  71  Dark Explorers  View
Dark Claw  92  Dark Explorers  View
Dark Patch  93  Dark Explorers  View
Random Receiver  99  Dark Explorers  View
Ultra Ball  102  Dark Explorers  View
Entei EX (Full Art)  103  Dark Explorers  View
Kyogre EX (Full Art)  104  Dark Explorers  View
Raikou EX (Full Art)  105  Dark Explorers  View
Groudon EX (Full Art)  106  Dark Explorers  View
Darkrai EX (Full Art)  107  Dark Explorers  View
Tornadus EX (Full Art)  108  Dark Explorers  View
Gardevoir  109  Dark Explorers  View
Archeops  110  Dark Explorers  View
Pokemon Catcher (Gold)  111  Dark Explorers  View
Garchomp  90  Dragons Exalted  View
Hydreigon  97  Dragons Exalted  View
Blend Energy GRPD  117  Dragons Exalted  View
Blend Energy WLFM  118  Dragons Exalted  View
Ho-Oh Ex (Full Art)  119  Dragons Exalted  View
Mew EX (Full Art)  120  Dragons Exalted  View
Terrakion EX (Full Art)  121  Dragons Exalted  View
Registeel EX (Full Art)  122  Dragons Exalted  View
Rayquaza EX (Full Art)  123  Dragons Exalted  View
Giratina EX (Full Art)  124  Dragons Exalted  View
Serperior  125  Dragons Exalted  View
Reuniclus  126  Dragons Exalted  View
Krookodile  127  Dragons Exalted  View
Rayquaza  128  Dragons Exalted  View
Rayquaza  11  Dragon Vault  View
First Ticket  19  Dragon Vault  View
Super Rod  20  Dragon Vault  View
Scolipede  74  Boundaries Crossed  View
Meloetta  77  Boundaries Crossed  View
Black Kyurem  100  Boundaries Crossed  View
White Kyurem  102  Boundaries Crossed  View
Great Ball  129  Boundaries Crossed  View
Crystal Edge  138  Boundaries Crossed  View
Crystal Wall  139  Boundaries Crossed  View
Celebi EX (Full Art)  141  Boundaries Crossed  View
Keldeo EX (Full Art)  142  Boundaries Crossed  View
Cresselia EX (Full Art)  143  Boundaries Crossed  View
Landorus EX (Full Art)  144  Boundaries Crossed  View
Black Kyurem EX (Full Art)  145  Boundaries Crossed  View
White Kyurem EX (Full Art)  146  Boundaries Crossed  View
Golurk  150  Boundaries Crossed  View
Terrakion  151  Boundaries Crossed  View
Altaria  152  Boundaries Crossed  View
Torterra (Team Plasma)  Plasma Storm  View
Amoonguss (Team Plasma)  13  Plasma Storm  View
Infernape (Team Plasma)  17  Plasma Storm  View
Sharpedo (Team Plasma)  33  Plasma Storm  View
Jellicent (Team Plasma)  39  Plasma Storm  View
Beartic (Team Plasma)  41  Plasma Storm  View
Magnezone (Team Plasma)  46  Plasma Storm  View
Rotom (Team Plasma)  49  Plasma Storm  View
Crobat (Team Plasma)  55  Plasma Storm  View
Weezing (Team Plasma)  58  Plasma Storm  View
Giratina (Team Plasma)  62  Plasma Storm  View
Garbodor (Team Plasma)  66  Plasma Storm  View
Garbodor (Team Plasma)  67  Plasma Storm  View
Beheeyem (Team Plasma)  70  Plasma Storm  View
Liepard (Team Plasma)  84  Plasma Storm  View
Scrafty (Team Plasma)  86  Plasma Storm  View
Skarmory (Team Plasma)  87  Plasma Storm  View
Klinklang (Team Plasma)  90  Plasma Storm  View
Durant (Team Plasma)  91  Plasma Storm  View
Durant (Team Plasma)  92  Plasma Storm  View
Druddigon (Team Plasma)  94  Plasma Storm  View
Snorlax (Team Plasma)  101  Plasma Storm  View
Watchog (Team Plasma)  112  Plasma Storm  View
Watchog (Team Plasma)  113  Plasma Storm  View
Bouffalant (Team Plasma)  114  Plasma Storm  View
Eviolite  122  Plasma Storm  View
Hypnotoxic Laser (Team Plasma)  123  Plasma Storm  View
Plasma Frigate (Team Plasma)  124  Plasma Storm  View
Plasma Energy (Team Plasma)  127  Plasma Storm  View
Scramble Switch  129  Plasma Storm  View
Victory Piece  130  Plasma Storm  View
Random Receiver  138  Plasma Storm  View
Leafeon (Team Plasma)  11  Plasma Freeze  View
Flareon (Team Plasma)  12  Plasma Freeze  View
Chandelure (Team Plasma)  16  Plasma Freeze  View
Vaporeon (Team Plasma)  20  Plasma Freeze  View
Glaceon (Team Plasma)  23  Plasma Freeze  View
Seismitoad (Team Plasma)  26  Plasma Freeze  View
Vanilluxe (Team Plasma)  29  Plasma Freeze  View
Cryogonal (Team Plasma)  30  Plasma Freeze  View
Kyurem (Team Plasma)  31  Plasma Freeze  View
Jolteon (Team Plasma)  34  Plasma Freeze  View
Muk (Team Plasma)  46  Plasma Freeze  View
Espeon (Team Plasma)  48  Plasma Freeze  View
Sableye (Team Plasma)  49  Plasma Freeze  View
Metagross (Team Plasma)  52  Plasma Freeze  View
Cofagrigus (Team Plasma)  56  Plasma Freeze  View
Cofagrigus (Team Plasma)  57  Plasma Freeze  View
Umbreon (Team Plasma)  64  Plasma Freeze  View
Weavile (Team Plasma)  66  Plasma Freeze  View
Absol (Team Plasma)  67  Plasma Freeze  View
Krookodile (Team Plasma)  70  Plasma Freeze  View
Bisharp (Team Plasma)  73  Plasma Freeze  View
Bisharp (Team Plasma)  74  Plasma Freeze  View
Hydreigon (Team Plasma)  78  Plasma Freeze  View
Steelix (Team Plasma)  79  Plasma Freeze  View
Raticate (Team Plasma)  88  Plasma Freeze  View
Float Stone  99  Plasma Freeze  View
Frozen City (Team Plasma)  100  Plasma Freeze  View
Superior Energy Retrieval  103  Plasma Freeze  View
Team Plasma Badge (Team Plasma)  104  Plasma Freeze  View
Team Plasma Ball (Team Plasma)  105  Plasma Freeze  View
Plasma Energy (Team Plasma)  106  Plasma Freeze  View
Life Dew  107  Plasma Freeze  View
Rock Guard  108  Plasma Freeze  View
Heatran EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  109  Plasma Freeze  View
Thundurus EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  110  Plasma Freeze  View
Deoxys EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  111  Plasma Freeze  View
Tornadus EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  114  Plasma Freeze  View
Max Potion  121  Plasma Freeze  View
Ultra Ball  122  Plasma Freeze  View
Masquerain (Team Plasma)  Plasma Blast  View
Accelgor (Team Plasma)  Plasma Blast  View
Volcarona (Team Plasma)  13  Plasma Blast  View
Octillery (Team Plasma)  19  Plasma Blast  View
Glalie (Team Plasma)  22  Plasma Blast  View
Froslass (Team Plasma)  23  Plasma Blast  View
Relicanth (Team Plasma)  24  Plasma Blast  View
Eelektross (Team Plasma)  33  Plasma Blast  View
Escavalier (Team Plasma)  61  Plasma Blast  View
Porygon-Z (Team Plasma)  74  Plasma Blast  View
Ursaring (Team Plasma)  76  Plasma Blast  View
Chatot (Team Plasma)  77  Plasma Blast  View
Pokemon Catcher  83  Plasma Blast  View
Reversal Trigger (Team Plasma)  86  Plasma Blast  View
Root Fossil Lileep  87  Plasma Blast  View
Silver Bangle  88  Plasma Blast  View
Silver Mirror  89  Plasma Blast  View
Ultra Ball  90  Plasma Blast  View
Plasma Energy (Team Plasma)  91  Plasma Blast  View
G Booster (Team Plasma)  92  Plasma Blast  View
G Scope (Team Plasma)  93  Plasma Blast  View
Master Ball  94  Plasma Blast  View
Scoop Up Cyclone  95  Plasma Blast  View
Virizion EX (Full Art)  96  Plasma Blast  View
Genesect EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  97  Plasma Blast  View
Jirachi EX (Full Art)  98  Plasma Blast  View
Dialga EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  99  Plasma Blast  View
Palkia EX (Team Plasma) (Full Art)  100  Plasma Blast  View
Exeggcute  102  Plasma Blast  View
Rare Candy  105  Plasma Blast  View
Crushing Hammer  111  Legendary Treasures  View
Double Colorless Energy  113  Legendary Treasures  View
Reshiram (Full Art)  114  Legendary Treasures  View
Zekrom (Full Art)  115  Legendary Treasures  View
M Venusaur EX  XY  View
Chespin  12  XY  View
Quilladin  13  XY  View
Chesnaught  14  XY  View
Scatterbug  15  XY  View
Spewpa  16  XY  View
Vivillon  17  XY  View
Skiddo  18  XY  View
Gogoat  19  XY  View
Fennekin  24  XY  View
Braixen  25  XY  View
Delphox  26  XY  View
Fletchinder  27  XY  View
Talonflame  28  XY  View
M Blastoise EX  30  XY  View
Froakie  39  XY  View
Frogadier  40  XY  View
Greninja  41  XY  View
Phantump  54  XY  View
Trevenant  55  XY  View
Pumpkaboo  56  XY  View
Gourgeist  57  XY  View
Inkay  74  XY  View
Inkay  75  XY  View
Malamar  76  XY  View
Malamar  77  XY  View
Yveltal  78  XY  View
Yveltal EX  79  XY  View
Honedge  83  XY  View
Doublade  84  XY  View
Aegislash  85  XY  View
Aegislash  86  XY  View
Spritzee  92  XY  View
Aromatisse  93  XY  View
Swirlix  94  XY  View
Slurpuff  95  XY  View
Xerneas  96  XY  View
Xerneas EX  97  XY  View
Bunnelby  111  XY  View
Diggersby  112  XY  View
Fletchling  113  XY  View
Furfrou  114  XY  View
Evosoda  116  XY  View
Hard Charm  119  XY  View
Max Revive  120  XY  View
Muscle Band  121  XY  View
Professor's Letter  123  XY  View
Red Card  124  XY  View
Roller Skates  125  XY  View
Super Potion  128  XY  View
Double Colorless Energy  130  XY  View
Rainbow Energy  131  XY  View
Yveltal EX (Full Art)  144  XY  View
Xerneas EX (Full Art)  146  XY  View
Chespin  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Quilladin  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Chesnaught  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Fennekin  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Braixen  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Delphox  10  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Froakie  12  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Frogadier  13  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Greninja  14  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Clauncher  15  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Inkay  18  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Honedge  21  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Swirlix  24  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Bunnelby  30  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Fletchling  31  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Furfrou  32  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Furfrou  33  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Crushing Hammer  34  Kalos Starter Set (Froakie)  View
Poke Ball  35  Kalos Starter Set (All)  View
Pokemon Catcher  36  Kalos Starter Set (Fennekin)  View
Potion  37  Kalos Starter Set (Chespin)  View
Switch  38  Kalos Starter Set (All)  View
PlusPower  16  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Excadrill  17  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Pokemon Communication  24  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
Excadrill  30  BW Trainer Kit (Excadrill)  View
PlusPower  11  BW Trainer Kit (Zoroark)  View
Pokemon Communication  18  BW Trainer Kit (Zoroark)  View
Fletchling  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Switch  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Sylveon  15  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Furfrou  16  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Fletchling  19  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Furfrou  22  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Pokemon Catcher  23  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Poke Ball  26  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Professor's Letter  28  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Sylveon  30  XY Trainer Kit (Sylveon)  View
Gourgeist  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Bunnelby  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Pumpkaboo  11  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Noibat  12  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Noivern  13  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Pokemon Catcher  14  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Pumpkaboo  18  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Furfrou  20  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Poke Ball  21  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Noibat  23  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Professor's Letter  24  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Switch  29  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
Noivern  30  XY Trainer Kit (Noivern)  View
M Charizard EX  13  Flashfire  View
Fletchinder  17  Flashfire  View
Litleo  18  Flashfire  View
Litleo  19  Flashfire  View
Pyroar  20  Flashfire  View
Bergmite  30  Flashfire  View
Avalugg  31  Flashfire  View
Helioptile  36  Flashfire  View
Heliolisk  37  Flashfire  View
Espurr  42  Flashfire  View
Meowstic  43  Flashfire  View
Skrelp  44  Flashfire  View
Binacle  48  Flashfire  View
Barbaracle  49  Flashfire  View
Flabebe  62  Flashfire  View
Flabebe  63  Flashfire  View
Floette  64  Flashfire  View
Floette  65  Flashfire  View
Florges  66  Flashfire  View
Spritzee  67  Flashfire  View
Carbink  68  Flashfire  View
M Charizard EX  69  Flashfire  View
Dragalge  71  Flashfire  View
Goomy  72  Flashfire  View
Sliggoo  73  Flashfire  View
Goodra  74  Flashfire  View
M Kangaskhan EX  79  Flashfire  View
Fletchling  86  Flashfire  View
Furfrou  87  Flashfire  View
Ultra Ball  99  Flashfire  View
M Charizard EX (Alternate Art)  107  Flashfire  View
M Charizard EX (Alternate Art)  108  Flashfire  View
M Kangaskhan EX (Alternate Art)  109  Flashfire  View
Chespin  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Fennekin  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Froakie  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Inkay  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Honedge  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Swirlix  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Bunnelby  10  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Fletchling  11  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
Furfrou  12  McDonald's Promos 2014  View
M Heracross EX  Furious Fists  View
Clauncher  23  Furious Fists  View
Clawitzer  24  Furious Fists  View
Amaura  25  Furious Fists  View
Aurorus  26  Furious Fists  View
Dedenne  34  Furious Fists  View
M Lucario EX  55  Furious Fists  View
Pancham  59  Furious Fists  View
Pancham  60  Furious Fists  View
Tyrunt  61  Furious Fists  View
Tyrantrum  62  Furious Fists  View
Hawlucha  63  Furious Fists  View
Hawlucha EX  64  Furious Fists  View
Pangoro  68  Furious Fists  View
Sylveon  72  Furious Fists  View
Klefki  73  Furious Fists  View
Noivern  77  Furious Fists  View
Noibat  87  Furious Fists  View
Energy Switch  89  Furious Fists  View
Full Heal  93  Furious Fists  View
Super Scoop Up  100  Furious Fists  View
Herbal Energy  103  Furious Fists  View
Strong Energy  104  Furious Fists  View
M Heracross EX (Alternate Art)  112  Furious Fists  View
M Lucario EX (Alternate Art)  113  Furious Fists  View
Venomoth  Phantom Forces  View
M Manectric EX  24  Phantom Forces  View
Helioptile  29  Phantom Forces  View
M Gengar EX  35  Phantom Forces  View
Roggenrola  48  Phantom Forces  View
Poochyena  53  Phantom Forces  View
Dedenne  70  Phantom Forces  View
Diancie  71  Phantom Forces  View
Hydreigon  74  Phantom Forces  View
Sliggoo  76  Phantom Forces  View
Goodra  77  Phantom Forces  View
Gengar Spirit Link  95  Phantom Forces  View
Head Ringer (Team Flare Hyper Gear)  97  Phantom Forces  View
Jamming Net (Team Flare Hyper Gear)  98  Phantom Forces  View
Roller Skates  103  Phantom Forces  View
VS Seeker  109  Phantom Forces  View
Double Colorless Energy  111  Phantom Forces  View
Mystery Energy  112  Phantom Forces  View
M Manectric EX (Alternate Art)  120  Phantom Forces  View
M Gengar EX (Alternate Art)  121  Phantom Forces  View
Dialga EX (Full Art)  122  Phantom Forces  View
Torchic  26  Primal Clash  View
Primal Kyogre EX  55  Primal Clash  View
Primal Groudon EX  86  Primal Clash  View
M Aggron EX  94  Primal Clash  View
Azumarill  104  Primal Clash  View
M Gardevoir EX  106  Primal Clash  View
Aggron Spirit Link  123  Primal Clash  View
Energy Retrieval  126  Primal Clash  View
Gardevoir Spirit Link  130  Primal Clash  View
Groudon Spirit Link  131  Primal Clash  View
Kyogre Spirit Link  132  Primal Clash  View
Shield Energy  143  Primal Clash  View
Wonder Energy  144  Primal Clash  View
Kyogre EX (Full Art)  148  Primal Clash  View
Primal Kyogre EX (Full Art)  149  Primal Clash  View
Groudon EX (Full Art)  150  Primal Clash  View
Primal Groudon EX (Full Art)  151  Primal Clash  View
M Aggron EX (Full Art)  154  Primal Clash  View
M Gardevoir EX (Full Art)  156  Primal Clash  View
Switch (Gold)  163  Primal Clash  View
Weakness Policy (Gold)  164  Primal Clash  View
Double Aqua Energy  33  Double Crisis  View
Double Magma Energy  34  Double Crisis  View
Articuno  17  Roaring Skies  View
M Gallade EX  35  Roaring Skies  View
M Latios EX  59  Roaring Skies  View
M Rayquaza EX  61  Roaring Skies  View
M Rayquaza EX  76  Roaring Skies  View
Gallade Spirit Link  83  Roaring Skies  View
Latios Spirit Link  85  Roaring Skies  View
Rayquaza Spirit Link  87  Roaring Skies  View
Switch  91  Roaring Skies  View
Ultra Ball  93  Roaring Skies  View
Double Dragon Energy  97  Roaring Skies  View
M Gallade EX (Full Art)  100  Roaring Skies  View
M Latios EX (Full Art)  102  Roaring Skies  View
M Rayquaza EX (Full Art)  105  Roaring Skies  View
Energy Switch (Gold)  109  Roaring Skies  View
VS Seeker (Gold)  110  Roaring Skies  View
M Sceptile EX  Ancient Origins  View
M Ampharos EX  28  Ancient Origins  View
M Tyranitar EX  43  Ancient Origins  View
Ampharos Spirit Link  70  Ancient Origins  View
Sceptile Spirit Link  80  Ancient Origins  View
Tyranitar Spirit Link  81  Ancient Origins  View
Dangerous Energy  82  Ancient Origins  View
Flash Energy  83  Ancient Origins  View
M Sceptile EX (Full Art)  85  Ancient Origins  View
M Ampharos EX (Full Art)  88  Ancient Origins  View
Hoopa EX (Full Art)  89  Ancient Origins  View
M Tyranitar EX (Full Art)  92  Ancient Origins  View
Primal Kyogre EX (Full Art) (Gold)  96  Ancient Origins  View
Primal Groudon EX (Full Art) (Gold)  97  Ancient Origins  View
M Rayquaza EX (Full Art) (Gold)  98  Ancient Origins  View
Energy Retrieval (Gold)  99  Ancient Origins  View
Chesnaught BREAK  12  BREAKthrough  View
M Houndoom EX  22  BREAKthrough  View
M Glalie EX  35  BREAKthrough  View
Raichu BREAK  50  BREAKthrough  View
M Mewtwo EX  63  BREAKthrough  View
M Mewtwo EX  64  BREAKthrough  View
Marowak BREAK  79  BREAKthrough  View
Gallade  84  BREAKthrough  View
Zoroark BREAK  92  BREAKthrough  View
Florges BREAK  104  BREAKthrough  View
Noivern BREAK  113  BREAKthrough  View
Ursaring  122  BREAKthrough  View
Glalie Spirit Link  139  BREAKthrough  View
Houndoom Spirit Link  142  BREAKthrough  View
Mewtwo Spirit Link  144  BREAKthrough  View
Parallel City  145  BREAKthrough  View
Professor's Letter  146  BREAKthrough  View
Burning Energy  151  BREAKthrough  View
Rainbow Energy  152  BREAKthrough  View
M Houndoom EX (Full Art)  154  BREAKthrough  View
M Glalie EX (Full Art)  156  BREAKthrough  View
M Mewtwo EX (Full Art)  159  BREAKthrough  View
M Mewtwo EX (Full Art)  160  BREAKthrough  View
Golduck BREAK  18  BREAKPoint  View
M Gyarados EX  27  BREAKPoint  View
Greninja BREAK  41  BREAKPoint  View
Luxray BREAK  47  BREAKPoint  View
Trevenant BREAK  66  BREAKPoint  View
M Scizor EX  77  BREAKPoint  View
Raticate BREAK  89  BREAKPoint  View
Gyarados Spirit Link  101  BREAKPoint  View
Max Potion  103  BREAKPoint  View
Pokemon Catcher  105  BREAKPoint  View
Potion  106  BREAKPoint  View
Reverse Valley  110  BREAKPoint  View
Scizor Spirit Link  111  BREAKPoint  View
Splash Energy  113  BREAKPoint  View
M Gyarados EX (Full Art)  115  BREAKPoint  View
M Scizor EX (Full Art)  120  BREAKPoint  View
M Venusaur EX  Generations  View
M Charizard EX  12  Generations  View
M Blastoise EX  18  Generations  View
Crushing Hammer  60  Generations  View
Energy Switch  61  Generations  View
Evosoda  62  Generations  View
Max Revive  65  Generations  View
Poke Ball  67  Generations  View
Red Card  71  Generations  View
Double Colorless Energy  74  Generations  View
Yveltal  RC16  Generations  View
Flabebe  RC17  Generations  View
Diancie  RC22  Generations  View
M Gardevoir EX  RC31  Generations  View
Reshiram  BW04  Black and White Promos  View
Zekrom  BW05  Black and White Promos  View
Serperior  BW20  Black and White Promos  View
Emboar  BW21  Black and White Promos  View
Samurott  BW22  Black and White Promos  View
Reshiram  BW23  Black and White Promos  View
Zekrom  BW24  Black and White Promos  View
Victini  BW32  Black and White Promos  View
Thundurus  BW41  Black and White Promos  View
Tornadus  BW42  Black and White Promos  View
Landorus  BW43  Black and White Promos  View
Kyurem  BW44  Black and White Promos  View
Crobat (Team Plasma)  BW51  Black and White Promos  View
Pikachu  BW54  Black and White Promos  View
Keldeo  BW60  Black and White Promos  View
Virizion  BW70  Black and White Promos  View
Terrakion  BW71  Black and White Promos  View
Cobalion  BW72  Black and White Promos  View
Darkrai (Team Plasma)  BW73  Black and White Promos  View
Giratina (Team Plasma)  BW74  Black and White Promos  View
Metagross (Team Plasma)  BW75  Black and White Promos  View
Electrode (Team Plasma)  BW76  Black and White Promos  View
Landorus (Team Plasma)  BW79  Black and White Promos  View
Druddigon (Team Plasma)  BW80  Black and White Promos  View
Porygon-Z (Team Plasma)  BW84  Black and White Promos  View
Genesect (Team Plasma)  BW86  Black and White Promos  View
Genesect  BW99  Black and White Promos  View
Chespin  XY01  XY Promos  View
Fennekin  XY02  XY Promos  View
Froakie  XY03  XY Promos  View
Sylveon  XY04  XY Promos  View
Xerneas  XY05  XY Promos  View
Yveltal  XY06  XY Promos  View
Xerneas EX  XY07  XY Promos  View
Yveltal EX  XY08  XY Promos  View
Skiddo  XY11  XY Promos  View
Honedge  XY12  XY Promos  View
Gogoat  XY16  XY Promos  View
Charizard EX (Basic)  XY17  XY Promos  View
Chesnaught EX  XY18  XY Promos  View
Delphox EX  XY19  XY Promos  View
Greninja EX  XY20  XY Promos  View
Pyroar  XY26  XY Promos  View
M Metagross EX  XY35  XY Promos  View
Ditto  XY40  XY Promos  View
Kyogre EX  XY41  XY Promos  View
Groudon EX  XY42  XY Promos  View
Diancie EX  XY43  XY Promos  View
M Diancie EX  XY44  XY Promos  View
Pangoro  XY50  XY Promos  View
Malamar  XY58  XY Promos  View
M Absol EX  XY63  XY Promos  View
Rayquaza EX  XY66  XY Promos  View
Rayquaza EX  XY69  XY Promos  View
M Blaziken EX  XY86  XY Promos  View
M Swampert EX  XY87  XY Promos  View
M Aerodactyl EX  XY98  XY Promos  View
Aerodactyl Spirit Link  XY99  XY Promos  View
Mewtwo EX  XY107  XY Promos  View
Empoleon BREAK  XY134  XY Promos  View
Beheeyem BREAK  XY135  XY Promos  View
Noctowl BREAK  XY136  XY Promos  View
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